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What is a Sectoral Campus?

Meeting point with the innovative ecosystem

The UdG’s Sectoral Campus is a relational platform with a clear approach, market driven , which seeks to proactively facilitate the relationship between companies and institutions in the social-economic sector and the University of Girona, based on a priori mutual knowledge and the promotion and maintenance of a continued relationship through a personalised and unique dialogue with the University of Girona.

The campus acts in a proactive, bi-directional way:

  • Detecting the needs and interests of the sector's companies and institutions and bringing them to the attention of the UdG's research groups for them to be met.
  • Putting the research groups in touch with the companies and institutions that may potentially be interested in the research and services they offer.

The structure and operations model of the sectoral campus is based on:

  • The thematic focusing of the campus geared towards a specific economic and/or social sector.
  • An organisational and functional campus geared towards proactively facilitating the relationship between companies/institutions and the UdG’s research groups based on:
    • The a piori promotion of loyalty among the sector’s companies and institutions.
    • The promotion and maintenance of a continued relationship with the companies/institutions.
    • The identification of a reference interlocutor at the UdG (Campus Facilitator) who interacts personally with the company or institution, guiding and advising it until its demand and needs are met.
  • A functioning based on an approach market driven that consists in developing activities geared towards satisfying R+D+I needs and interests and sector-specific education (directed at professionals), based on asking the sector, ab initio, what their needs and interests are. The outcome of this process is:
    • The definition of a strategic agenda of relevant and useful research for the sector, agreed on between the companies/institutions and the UdG's research groups.
    • The definition of a catalogue of professional profiles in demand in the sector and the educational requirements for each of these professional profiles.
    • The development of a portfolio of benefits/services for companies and institutions, geared to satisfying these needs and interests.

For a full explanation of the nature and functions of the Sectoral Campus, and about how the Sectoral Campus Programme is implemented, click here.

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