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Interuniversity Master's Degree in Youth and Society

Calendar and timetable

The academic activities and classes as part of the master's degree begin on the first Friday in October and the classroom teaching ends on the penultimate Friday in June. The course will end in July, with the presentation and defence of the master's thesis.

Classroom sessions are held on the following days and time, with some exceptions:

  • On Friday afternoons, from 4 pm to 9 pm.
  • On Saturday mornings, from 9 am to 2 pm.

Subjects are taught at different universities, with students completing each subject at the corresponding university. In the curriculum section, you can consult the location where each subject will be imparted. The greatest level of mobility is given to module I, taught on a rotating basis by each one of the six organising universities: UdL (October), UAB (November), UdG (December), UB (January), URV (February) and UPF (March).

To facilitate mobility, accommodation at hostels within the Hostels Network of the Government of Catalonia is provided so that students can have dinner and sleep there (on Friday nights) and have breakfast (on Saturday mornings) when classroom sessions are held.

Below, you can consult the classroom calendar of the upcoming academic year.