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Do you have any queries?

Who do I have to contact with any queries about a course or activity?
The Social Commitment Unit, by sending an email to or by telephone +34 972 418 077

Can I start the solidarity activities before doing a training course?
Yes, you can. We keep a record of all the hours you spend doing solidarity activities or one-off activities until you do a 25-hour course and we can validate the credits for you.

How much does it cost to take part in a course or solidarity activity?
They are free. As stated in the Students Statute (ME, 2010), the entire offer of solidarity courses and activities must be free. Remember, however, the fact that recognised credit transfer involves a cost set by the academic office of the secretary of your faculty/school.

Do I have to do the training course and the Solidarity or One-off Activities in the same academic year?
No, you don’t. You can complete your participation in the programme of solidarity activities at any time during your stay in the UdG. However, we recommend that you finish a block of hours before going on to the next academic year to be able to request the recognition of credits during the validated credit transfer period established in the academic office of the secretary of your faculty/school.

How can I register on courses or activities?
Very easily, through our online registration form. You only need to select the course or activity you want to do and request registration. Remember to first enter your user name and password. We will receive your application immediately and start the process.

I do not know if I have registered correctly
Once you have clicked on the option “Request Registration” you should receive the message “Your application has been successful” in the same window of your browser, which will mean that you are already registered. If, on the other hand, an error message appears, then get in touch with us at

How can I consult new offers of courses and solidarity or one-off activities?
In the “News” section of our website and on the student intranet. We also update this information on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

What do I have to do to validate the credits?
Once we have incorporated the block of credits you have passed, you will see the option to request recognition in the “recognised credit transfer” window via the Office of the Network Secretary. Remember, however, that requesting recognised credit transfer involves a cost set by the Academic Office of the Secretary of your faculty/school. 

I have forgotten the dates and times of the activity
You can consult these in the same activity file. You can also ask the person responsible for the activity once they have been put with in touch. If you have any other queries you can contact the Social Commitment Unit.

I want to drop-out of a course or an activity. What should I do?
Tell the Social Commitment Unit by writing an email to: . Only we have access to your academic information.