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The University of Girona proclaims its full catalanism as a way of to open to all traditions, advances and cultures. The University of Girona feels rooted in the country and, from the perspective of the tolerance and the universalism, manifest the firm will of promoting the Catalan language and culture, of being a tool of territorial and motor equilibrium of progress in the service of the society from Girona and of promoting the justice and the solidarity.

The Catalan is the preferred institutional language of the University of Girona and, therefore, that of normal use in its activities. The University of Girona shall therefore promote the full use of the Catalan language in all its areas and establish the appropriate means for ensuring it is learnt and used by students, academic staff and administrative staff and services.

The University of Girona will promote the collaboration at all levels with the other universities of the linguistic domain Catalan and, in a special way, with the ones integrated into the Vives Network of Universities. In the framework of collaboration and exchange with other universities and institutions, the University of Girona shall promote knowledge and international awareness of the Catalan language and Catalan culture.

The University, through the corresponding language plan and multi-annual language plans that it approves, must promote the knowledge and use of languages as well as guarantee that sufficient knowledge of the co-official languages of [Catalonia] is encouraged during the welcoming processes of the various members of the university community.

[Extracted text of the Statutes of the University of Girona]

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