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Master in Tourism Management and Planning

Double degree

The Master in Tourism Management and Planning offers the following double degree programmes

University Certificate Country

U. Tecnológica de Bolívar (CABBAGE)

Master in Business Management and Tourism Organisations


University Perspectiva-Int

Master in Tourism Services


Voronezh State University

Master in International Tourism Management


Universitatea de Stat din Moldova

Master in Management and Hotel Marketing and Tourism


TRADE Co-operative Univ. of Moldova

Master in Management and Marketing in Tourism, the Hotel Industry and Catering


Georgian Technical University

Master in Tourism Service Administration


Gori State Teaching University

Master in Hotel Management


Azerbaijan Technical University

Master in Hotel Management


Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University

Master in Hotel Management


U. Externado

Master in Tourism Planning and Management


If you want to study a double degree, you must contact the master's degree

What is a double degree programme?

A double degree programme is when two universities agree to collaborate to promote the exchange of their corresponding students, through periods of study abroad at the two universities, allowing them to complete their master's degree studies and obtain two official degrees as a result. If you are a master's degree student at the UdG and are interested in taking part in this programme, you will have to enrol and complete a period of study abroad at an international university (host university). Once the period of study abroad has been completed at the host university, the credits that you have obtained there will be recognised reciprocally by the universities pursuant to an established academic programme and agreed in advance, recognising the credits mutually. This option will allow you to obtain two official degrees. Reciprocally, international students studying double degree programmes will need to enrol and complete a period of study at the UdG. The credits obtained here will be recognised reciprocally at both universities as part of the same procedure mentioned above. Participating on a double degree programme involves previously being accepted on the two master's degrees and enrolment at both at universities.

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