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Master's Degree in Advanced Catalysis and Molecular Modelling

Master's Thesis

Master’s thesis

The Master's thesis is a compulsory subject on the master that accounts for 12 ECTS (300 hrs). It entails a project or research work developed by the student in which they apply, integrate and develop the knowledge and skills required in some aspect of catalysis. The TFG is aimed at evaluating the skills associated with the degree and concludes with the presentation of a written thesis, its public defence, evaluation and grading.

Students can complete their master's thesis under the tutorship of the teaching staff on the master or other researchers at theInstitute of Computational Chemistry and Catalysis  and/or the Department of Chemistry at the University of Girona. The master's thesis can also be undertaken at research centres at other universities in Spain or abroad, pursuant to the corresponding agreement. Within the EU, this option can be partially funded by the Erasmus + for traineeship programme. Students on work placements are recommended to perform their master’s thesis at the company they have been assigned to.

Students are encouraged to make direct contact with research groups to confirm their tutor and the master’s thesis project. The official assignment of projects to students will be completed on master’s thesis platform at the Faculty of Science at the UdG . This platform will also be used for the submission and assessment of the work.

It is foreseen that the students dedicate themselves to its complete master's thesis in time since mid March until the public defence (June or September).

In the Regulations of the Master's Thesis  the formal requirements for the memory and the contents can be consulted that to include there.

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