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Master in General Health Psychology

Access, admission and enrolment

Access requirements

1. Holder of a bachelor's degree or undergraduate degree in Psychology.

2. Having obtained 90 ECTS in specialist health subjects. It must be proven by holders of an undergraduate degree, whether from UdG or other universities, since their studies do not guarantee this compliance in their curriculum, and verification in the form of academic certification sent by their university will therefore be necessary.

The criteria to validate the 90 health credits prior to doing the master’s degree can be found in the following link.

Where students do not fulfil this requirement, they must do the necessary bridging courses to guarantee the 90 educational credits in health psychology (bridging courses can be found in this link). This course will include at least 100 hours (or its equivalent in European credits) of practical experience in the area of health.

Spanish national holders of an undergraduate degree in accordance with the new academic regulations of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) are EXEMPT from the requirement to provide accreditation for these documents, as all reports of Bachelor's degrees in Psychology at national level have this accreditation, whether or not they appears in the academic certification submitted for admission.

3. In accordance with the requirements of the Bachelor's degree in Psychology, where acquiring knowledge of the English language is a skill to which special emphasis is given, in order to access the master's degree, students must prove a minimum level of B1 in English using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

To access the master's degree you must first complete your University Pre-Enrolment.

Once the documentation provided has been checked and it has been confirmed that you meet the access requirements, the Admissions Board will consider the applications, ordering them according to the following criteria:

Student selection criteria.

The selection of the candidates, which will be carried out by the Board of the Master's Degree, provided that they fulfil the access criteria, whenever applications outnumber places, shall follow these criteria:

See the students’ selection criteria that appears further down in single pre-enrolment period

In accordance with Order ECD / 1070/2013, of 12 June, for students registered on the master who have passed the first year of the course that provides access to taking the annual selective test to access specialist health education (PIR), the credits corresponding to external placements pending completion will be recognised.

Single Pre-Enrolment period:

Pre-enrolment: open until 21 July 2023 (single period)

To access the master's degree, you will first need to complete the University Pre-Enrolment.

Provisional assignment of places and opening of claims period: 24 to 28 July 2023

Final decision and publication of places:  31 July 2023

Enrolment: from 4 to 15 September 2023

See the student selection criteria .

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