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Interuniversity Master's Degree in Youth and Society

Access, admission and enrolment

Access requirements

To be accepted onto the Master’s degree, applicants must have a university degree in a branch of Social Sciences and Humanities (or equivalents) and fulfil these other conditions.

If students fulfil the IMYS access requirements, the selection criteria will be considered as follows:

  • Academic record of the accredited official training, weighted based on the average mark at the university of origin (50%).
  • Complementary academic or professional training. Certifications or certificates of other complementary training in similar fields to the contents of the master's degree (25%).
  • Work experience in the areas of the master's degree providing a declaration by the company indicating the time and tasks performed. Experience in the field of the research indicating time spent at recognised research centres and publications relating to the subject areas of the master's degree (15%).
  • Justified application with letters of recommendation, as appropriate (5%).
  • Interview with the director of the master's degree, as applicable (5%).

Admission and enrolment

To access the master's degree, you must firstly complete University Pre-Enrolment.

To pre-enrol, follow the indications in the Master’s degree access guide.