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Master in Business Economics

We train you in an international dimension

Master in Business Economics

Master in Business Economics


This Master provides solid and practical training for economic and entrepreneurial analysis in a global environment, with a focus on knowledge and skills acquisition in different domains of an entrepreneurial organisation  or institution, taking into account the learning and implementation of methods and advanced techniques.

Our Master covers a training need for Girona’s business network, and increasingly favours the internationalisation of its activity. As a consequence of this activity and of the operations carried out, the Master offers an in-depth approach to the qualification of professionals in top-level business management or socially responsible institutions through an international perspective. 

In order to facilitate a balance between students’ working life and gaining the Master, teaching is semi-on-site, with classes concentrated on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.


This Master will give you the capacity for:

  • Integrate knowledge, also from an historical and social perspective, to carry out a diagnosis of the economic or business environment for decision making.
  • Apply the knowledge acquired to solve problems in new contexts.
  • Identify economic and business problems or relevant research subjects and formulate questions and hypotheses from a theoretical framework.
  • Apply the necessary quantitative and qualitative methodologies to solve problems typical of the company.
  • Use and construct business intelligence systems.
  • Identify the relevant economic and business indicators to analyse, interpret and review aspects of organisation, direction and accounting.
  • Identify relevant internal and external variables to define strategies and make economic and business-related decisions in the international context.
  • Use the advanced analysis of markets to define the best strategies for the companies that compete in the markets.
  • Devise decisions from a senior business management position in areas related to the various aspects of a company.

And what do our students say?

Claudia Moyano (professional pathway)

"My academic experience has been very enriching and highly beneficial for my professional development. The Master’s degree stands out for providing a sound, practical education in economic and entrepreneurial analysis in a global environment, which has been fundamental for acquiring and complementing my knowledge and skills in several areas of an organisation. The Master’s degree helped me obtain a firm understanding of the challenges and opportunities involved in internationalisation and how to tackle them effectively.

This Master’s degree’s approach to acquiring methods and advanced techniques also played an essential role. I have had the opportunity to explore and learn how to apply these methods and techniques in an effective way to real-world situations. In short, the Master’s degree not only met but exceeded my expectations and, what’s more, I am immensely grateful to the UdG's directors and teaching staff, and to my warm reception from the city of Girona!”

Alex Hernando (professional pathway)

“My experience of this master’s degree has been more than rewarding and very valuable for my future. I entered as recent graduate in accounting and finances and ended up with knowledge and much more contacts than when I entered, to such an extent that, thanks to my having done this master’s degree, I’m starting a new stage in work, for which I am very grateful to the Faculty and the Master’s degree.

It has raised my level of knowledge a lot, but what I especially value are the new contacts and friends I have made, students and teachers alike. It's an opportunity for growing and developing a network that I certainly believe will be very important for my future. Finally, I’d like to highlight the teaching staff’s skill and friendliness, as they support and advise you at all times."

Angelo Fossati (professional pathway)

"The Master in Business Economics at the University of Girona (UdG) has been transformational. Hailing from social and cultural Anthropology, the UdG’s teaching staff not only simplified complex financial concepts but also provided a complete vision of the economic world, from its foundations to its practical applications.

I discovered a new passion in accounting thanks to the classes and the teaching staff’s support. This master provided me with basic accounting skills that have broadened my horizons and opened doors in an unexpected area for me. The international approach to financial analysis was another notable point. I how understand how companies work in a global context, something that has become a key advantage in my professional development. Finally, the Master deepened my knowledge and gave me personal discoveries and essential skills for taking on challenges in the world of business."

Lorea Lizarreta (professional pathway)

"Nobody would have imagined that a young agroecology technician would be able to lead an agricultural cooperative based on social economy in just a few months. The Master in Business Economics at the UdG allowed me to learn about the workings of the financial world and the basics of business economics, which I then applied to the primary sector, applying social economy principles. In short, this Master in Business Economics has enabled me to take the first steps towards laying the foundations for a business, and developing it practically from scratch.

I would also like to highlight how important the support received from the UdG family and the FCEE faculty in particular has been; with support from the teaching staff from various disciplines during the TFM project, and the diversity of the spirit of my fellow Master's students, each of whom contributed their own skills, turning us into a multidisciplinary team.”

Juan Pablo Molina (professional path)

“My master's degree experience has been extremely useful for me, whichever way you look at it.

I think that the teaching staff, classmates, course content, the physical infrastructure and the technological tools of the university, visits to Catalan companies, among many other factors, contributed in a significant way to my professional and personal development.

It’s worth highlighting the programme’s practical approach, which allows each subject to clearly link the concepts taught to daily life in the businesses and companies.

As Colombians, my wife and I were very well received in Girona and expect to be able to come back here soon.”

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