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Institute of Informatics and Applications

Directed by

Position Headline
Director of the Institute of Informatics and Applications Dr Immaculada Boada Oliveras
Secretary of the Institute of Informatics and Applications Dr Jose Vehi Casellas

Management structure

Three bodies are involved in the IIiA decision-making process: the Director, the Executive Board and the Council.

  • The director is the head of the Institute. He or she is elected through an open electoral process.
  • The Executive Board represents the Council and advises the Director on governance matters. It comprises the director, the head of each research group, the research manager and the academic secretary.
  • The Council is the most important management body. It is formed by all the members of the Institute, i.e. the academic, administrative and technical staff.

The IIiA management also includes a research director, a technology transfer manager, an academic secretary and administrative staff.

  • The Research Director is in charge of the Institute’s day-to-day management.
  • The Technology Transfer Manager provides support for the IIiA’s researchers in technology transfer and innovation activities.
  • The Academic Secretary is responsible for the minutes of Executive Board and Council meetings. He or she also certifies the agreements they reach.
  • The administrative staff provide admin support to the members of the IIiA. 

Director of IIiA

Imma Boada

Secretary of IIiA

Josep Vehí

Joint director of the BCDS research group

José Luis Marzo

Joint director of the BCDS research group

Ramon Fabregat

Joint director of the eXIT research group

Joaquim Meléndez

Director of the GILAB research group

Mateu Sbert

Director of the MICELAB research group

Josep Vehí

Management of IIiA

Bego Fernández

Project manager

Manager at the eXiT research group
Roberto Petite
Manager at the GILAB research group
Cristina Díaz
Manager at the MiceLab research group
Sara Casadesús

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