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Doctoral studies

Doctoral degree in technology

The Doctoral Programme in Technology incorporates all the lines of technological research undertaken at the UdG.The technological research always includes an element of application and the aim is to try to ensure that the contributions made in the thesis are geared towards resolving problems that help to advance technological development. 

Lines of research at the IIiA

Networked and agent-based information systems

IliA research groups: Communications and Distributed Systems (BCDS)

  • Managing and Controlling Service Quality in communication networks
  • Distributed systems
  • Adaptive Hypermedia Systems

Control engineering and intelligent systems

IliA research groups: Modal intervals, Control and Systems Engineering (MICELAB)Control and Smart Systems Engineering (EXIT)

  • Methods for monitoring and supporting data-based decision making
  • Distributed systems, scheduling and optimisation of resources
  • Modelling, identification and control of complex systems
  • Detection and diagnosis of faults in dynamic model-based systems.
  • Interval analysis based methods and tools
  • Artificial pancreas: Modelling and control of glucose metabolism
  • Smartcities and Smart grids


IliA research groups: Graphics and Image Laboratory (GILAB)

  • Scientific visualisation and visualisation of Information
  • Image processing
  • Virtual learning environments

Mechanics of materials and structures

IliA research groups: Modal Intervals, Control and Systems Engineering (MICELAB)

  • Construction and sustainability technologies
  • Numerical and experimental analysis of materials and structures

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