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Admissions process for people over the age of 40

Academic year 2022-2023

Applications for access to people over the age of 40 is for only one centre and study. Approval of the admission process is only valid for accessing the course immediately following approval. Therefore, if a person wishes to access the university for subsequent courses, it is necessary to repeat the admission process.


  • Be 40 years of age the year in which access to the university is applied for.
  • Not hold any academic qualification that enables access to the university by any other method.
  • Accredit work or professional experience in relation to the university degree for which access is applied for.

Access to the university

To access the university using the admissions process for people over the age of 40, it is necessary to:

  • Pass the appraisal phase.
  • Have an individual interview and receive a PASS.

Admission process:

Annual applications. Valid exclusively to access the academic course that will start after obtaining the final qualification.

It is structured into two phases:

  1. Appraisal phrase; the following will be taken into account:
    • Work and professional experience
    • Training
    • Knowledge of Catalan
    • Knowledge of third languages
  2. Individual interview phase. To access the interview phase, it will be necessary to have obtained a mark equal to or more than 5 points in the appraisal phase.

Final qualification: depending on the results obtained in both phases, the maturity and suitability to successfully follow the degree chosen will be evaluated.

Individual interview

This will only be valid for the year in which the interview is done and to access only one centre-study.

Registration for admission tests

Enrolment period: 16-28 February via the university admissions portal

The fees that have to be paid for admission enrolment for students over the age of 40, in the 2022 call, are €106.80.

A discount of 50% will be given to members of large families of a general nature.

The following collectives are exempt from paying the university registration fees:

  • Members of large families of a special nature.
  • People with a degree of disability equal to or more than 33%.
  • Students aged 65 years or above.
  • The victims of terrorist acts, their spouses and their children.
  • Victims of gender-based violence, their spouses and their children.

Documentation that must be submitted

  1. Proof of registration stamped by the bank (or bank statement) confirming that the public fee has been paid for doing the entrance examinations for people over the age of 40, with the applicable exemptions and discounts established by current legislation.
  2. Original and photocopy or attested photocopy of DNI, NIE and passport.
  3. Curriculum vitae with recent photograph. The merits of the curriculum vitae ave to accredited to be appraised.
  4. Cover letter justifying the interest to study the official degree chosen. Preferably a single sheet (or on front and back), from the front (or in front and behind), interlinear single spacing and between 500 and 600 words.
  5. Numbered list of all the documentation submitted on professional or work experience and about education. The corresponding number should be written on each of the documents in accordance with the numbered list.
  6. Documentation proving the work or professional experience related to the official university degree chosen. This is accredited if there is a contract or nomination with duties and official certification of contribution periods to the General Social Security System or any other way to provide accreditation:
    • Certification of the General Treasury of the Social Security (‘Vida Laboral’ [Work Life] document).
    • Employment contracts (original and photocopy)
    • Company certifications to specify the duties performed (original and photocopy)
    • In the case of self-employed workers or autonomous workers or on own account, certification from the General Treasury of the Social Security with the periods of registration in the Social Security, in the corresponding special regime and description of the corresponding activity carried out and the interval of time in which this was carried out (original and photocopy).
  7. Documentation proving the education related or not to the university degree chosen, if applicable. Proof of this education can be provided by means of the corresponding certificate of the course that must name the studies, the period when they were carried out and the hours of duration.
  8. Documentation proving knowledge of Catalan, if applicable, by means of the corresponding certificate issued or officially recognised by the Secretariat for Language Policy of the Government of Catalonia or by the schools or modern languages services of Catalan universities.
  9. Documentation proving knowledge of a third language, if applicable. These certificates will have to be issued by the ‘Escola Oficial d’Idiomes’ [Official School of Languages] or by the schools or modern language services of Catalan universities.
  10. The candidates can submit any other documentation they consider relevant, if applicable

Where to submit documents

University of Girona. Student Advice and Access Section. CIAE building. Campus Montilivi. 17003 Girona. Tel. +34 972 41 98 54. Making prior appointments, Mondays to Fridays, from 9.30 am to 1 pm.Documents can also be submitted to the University Admissions Office or any other branches.

If the documentation is sent by mail, certified or attested copies must be attached of all the documentation required.

Consult the FAQS

  • Enrolment: 16 to 28 February
  • Results of the assessment phase: 5 May
  • Deadline for appeals: 5, 6 and 9 May
  • Final results of the assessment stage: 19 May
  • Interviews: 20, 21 and 22 June
  • Publication of interview results and final assessments: 27 June

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