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Geography Workshop

Students of upper secondary school education and third and fourth years of compulsory secondary education

The Department of Geography offers Secondary Education Institutes the option of participating in a predominantly practical geography workshop. These workshops are aimed especially at the second year of upper secondary school education, as part of which students have the opportunity of exploring geography through work and analysis with maps and the associated technology.

The activity consists of four parts:

  1. Card library: after a brief presentation on studies at the Faculties of Arts and, specifically Geography studies, the first activity starts, which is undertaken at the card library. It essentially involves a presentation of cartographic material and is followed by small exercises with different formats of map (45 minutes).
  2. Geographic Information Systems (GIS): after taking a break of about 15 minutes for breakfast, the computer-specific part of the day is held. Here, students are informed about how people work with a Geographical Information System (SIG) and practical work is completed using digital cartography software (45 minutes).
  3. Introduction to drones: recently, we have incorporated this third block as part of which students are introduced to the possibilities that this kind of device offers from both territorial and geographical perspectives. In addition, students attend a demonstration about how they work (45 minutes).
  4. Practical and professional applications of GISs: the workshop is rounded off with explanations from a member of the university SIGTE service (Geographical Information and Teledetection Systems), as part of which a presentation is offered on some of the practical and professional applications of this tool based on experience (20 minutes).

All together, the activity lasts about 3 hours, on Friday mornings, between December and March. The activity is carried out in the Faculty of Arts.

To request the participation of an institute, send an email to David Pavón (secretary of the Department of Geography): .

Històric de visites

Curs 2016-17 - Institut Immaculada Concepció

El divendres, 14 d'octubre, es va realitzar el primer taller de Geografia del curs 2016-17 adreçat, des del departament, als centres de secundària. En aquesta ocasió ens va visitar l'institut Immaculada Concepció de Lloret de Mar. Va ser un grup de 18 estudiants de batxillerat.

Curs 2016-17 - IES Castell d'Estela

4 de novembre de 2016: IES Castell d'Estela (Amer). 2on. de batxillerat (15 estudiants).

Durant el curs 2015-16

Pràctica de dron. IES Vilablareix. 04/03/2016.

28 de gener de 2016: 
Immaculada Concepció (Lloret de Mar), 13 estudiants.
26 de febrer de 2016:
 IES Narcís Monturiol (Figueres), 55 estudiants.
4 de març de 2016:
 IES Vilablareix, 15 estudiants.
18 de març de 2016: 
La Salle (Girona), 22 estudiants.
1 d’abril de 2016: 
IES Sant Elm (Sant Feliu de Guíxols), 15 estudiants.

Durant el curs 2014-15

Pràctica de cartografia

12 de desembre de 2014: 
IES Montilivi (Girona), 32 estudiants.
23 de gener de 2015:
 Immaculada Concepció (Lloret de Mar), 20 estudiants.
6 de febrer de 2015: 
IES Sant Elm (Sant Feliu de Guíxols), 16 estudiants.
6 de març de 2015:
 La Salle (Girona), 33 estudiants.
13 de març de 2015: 
IES Vilablareix (Girona), 15 estudiants.

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