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High level

For companies, technical equipment is a major expense and in many cases entails a period of depreciation that perhaps does not justify the investment.

Given its nature and mission, the University of Girona is equipped with high-level scientific and technical facilities and has access to internationally sophisticated research infrastructures that is available for companies to use.

If you have needs that are not covered by this service, please contact us and we will advise you on how to resolve them, even providing you with information on infrastructures outside the UdG.

The Library offers:

  • Access to library facilities (10,647 m², 1,850 reading spaces).
  • Access to more than 415,000 books, 13,000 e-books and 28,300 electronic journals.
  • Personalised responses to your queries at the counter, over the telephone, by e-mail and online.
  • Consult the Library and CCUC (Collective Catalogue of Catalan Universities) Catalogues.
  • Document lending.
  • Access to the service of Obtaining Documents, which locates and obtains on loan copies and originals of documents that are not available in the UdG's resources. This service is subject to tariffs.
  • Access to the UdG's Digital Library (electronic journals, databases, e-books, official publications, etc.) from computers at any of the UdG's libraries.
  • Access to the sources of the UdG European Documentation Centre (CDE), which contains official European Union publications (OPOCE), including EUROSTAT publications. 

The University of Girona's Research Technical Services (STR) are scientific and technical services aimed at offering instrumental and technical support to the research activities of UdG research groups and public and private companies and institutions that so request. 

The STR combine sophisticated scientific instrumentation that, due to its complexity and size, needs to be operated by specialised technicians and requires maintenance out of the scope of the users. 

The STR are split into six units that make up a set of similar experimental techniques or are dedicated to providing services related to a concrete methodological expertise.

  • Chemical and Structural Unit of Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis Unit
  • Environmental Engineering Unit
  • Mass Spectrometry Unit
  • Unit of Microscopy and Biotechnology
  • Underwater Technology Unit

Aiming to ensure quality of services and robustness and traceability of obtained results, the STR have been working in the environment of the ISO 9001 since 2012 and have the corresponding valid ISO9001:2015 certification.

The Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing Service (SIGTE) at the University of Girona is a service specialised in processing geolocation information and using and applying geographical information technologies. SIGTE offers technical support, advice, training and technology solutions in the field of geographical information.

We offer services in:


  • Physical maps to include in publications, web pages, leaflets and other supports.
  • Cartography for mobile applications.
  • Interactive online maps.
  • Application of Augmented Reality.


  • Spatial analysis.
  • Design and creation of spatial databases.
  • Design and implementation of SIG projects.
  • Use of SIG software.


  • Geolocation of variables: research results, social media (Twitter, Flickr, Wikipedia...), etc.
  • Collection of data using GPS techniques.


  • Analysis, acquisition and handling of satellite images.
  • Remote sensing.
  • Search and acquisition of digital cartographic sources.

If you need advice, get in touch with the Robotics Campus, Alba Mignorance (Tel. 972 49 94 99).

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