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Suggest a strategic alliance

Reinforce your own objectives

Some projects may have a greater possibility of success if they are conducted by establishing a strategic alliance with the University, shaped through the creation of a mixed entity. The establishment of a strategic alliance with the University may reinforce your own objectives.

  • Chair of business. This is the best option when you want to establish a lasting operating collaboration with a broad scope between a company or institution and the University, orientated towards developing ideas and promoting scientific, technical or business activities in relation to the area of activity of the company or institution. Chairs do not have their own legal status, but they work as structural units of the University. They are constituted through a collaboration agreement and they work in accordance with the Regulations of UdG chairs.   
  • Mixed centre. This is the best option when you want to set up a research or innovation centre. If you want the centre to have its own legal status, you can opt for the legal form of a foundation or an association. If not, a mixed centre can be created through a collaboration agreement with the status that the University includes within “Other research structures”.
  • Company. If the purpose is the commercialisation and joint exploitation of a technology or the provision of a service, and the university acts as a technology partner, the best form is a company. The UdG has experience in the creation of technology-based companies (TBC).

  • A mixed structure in which company staff collaborate with the University, facilitating the management of joint projects.
  • Its purposes are related with the development of innovative ideas, the definition and management of joint projects.
  • The Director of the Chair will be a member of UdG teaching staff, agreed on with the company or institution, which has a profile of professional, technical or scientific prestige recognised in the field of the chair.
  • The plan of activities is established by consensus, taking into account the priorities and needs of the company and the University.
  • The creation of the Chair of business is formalised by signing an agreement between the University and the company specifying the aims and conditions.
  • The company makes an annual financial contribution to the University as a donation to contribute to the functioning of the Chair, with the deductions set out in the legislation in force.
  • The company benefits relate to the knowledge generated, joint operations, the fiscal benefits and the notoriety and advertising benefits as a result of connecting the company's image to the University's image.

If you think you may be interested in any of these options or you have any other idea please contact the Robotics Campus, Alba Mignorance (Tel. 972 49 94 99), and explain your interests.

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