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Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Business Development


Enric Furriols

Aquest màster em va permetre conèixer un món totalment desconegut per a mi i obrir-me moltes portes en el món empresarial. Fins llavors havia estudiat una carrera de ciències de la vida i el màster em va aportar tota la part empresarial que necessitava per introduir-me al món competitiu de l’empresa i, al mateix temps, em va ajudar a desenvolupar la meva capacitat creativa. Una part molt important per a mi és que va ser un màster obert i que em va oferir la possibilitat de realitzar pràctiques en una empresa.

Emilio Duran

The master has given me different ways of thinking and analyzing the environment in which companies move, in addition to this, as innovation is a predominant factor when it comes to starting and creating a company.

Juan Esteban Nicolás

Aprendí mucho más de lo esperado. Desde habilidades de liderazgo explicadas por la metafísica hasta aprender de la mano de la experiencia de los mismos emprendedores de Girona

Arnau Àlvarez

I joined the MEDE to learn new trends in business development and apply them to my own company of dairy consultants. As in other previous studies, after the MEDE my mind was even more open due to the experiences and teachings lived with classmates and professors.

Maria Eugenia Fernandez

I decided to study the Master in Entrepreneurship and Business Development because my dream was to obtain the necessary skills to carry out an entrepreneurship, in order to be independent and have the necessary security to start a business. I learned several skills in the Master, beyond the technical knowledge which is important, I gained skills such as leadership, motivation, the benefits of having initiative, being proactive and thinking outside the box.

Wilson Torres

My name is Wilson Torres Ayala, I am from Ecuador and I am an alumnus of the Master in Entrepreneurship and Business Development, 2016-2017 promotion. Entrepreneurship and innovation have always attracted my attention, I wanted to be trained in these subjects so that in the future I could start a business or be able to advise entrepreneurs as a consultant. In the Master I learned creativity, innovation, business plan and other subjects that are important for the entrepreneur. In addition, the master offers the opportunity to learn about the experience of successful entrepreneurs.

Ana Monteverde

El programa me ayudó a descubrir nuevos puntos de vista sobre el emprendimiento, debido a que es un mucho más allá que una palabra de moda. Empecé a tener un espíritu empresarial, a pensar de manera innovadora, con liderazgo, proactiva y autónomamente y obtener  la habilidad de resolver retos empresariales desarrollando planes de negocios para tener viabilidad en el mercado. Me convertí en una analista estratégica de negocios turísticos, obteniendo el cargo de analista sénior de fomento turístico en el Ministerio de Turismo del Ecuador.

André Paez Narváez

I decided to join the Master in Entrepreneurship and Business Development at University of Girona in order to become an efficient and effective professional having conversations with experienced entrepreneurs and rediscovered my entrepreneurial spirit. I learned a wide development of entrepreneurial personal competences such as leadership, proactivity, autonomy, assertiveness, assumption of risks and innovation. Besides this, we were involved in class presentations, workshops, and company visits to give me the tools to my personal development as well as my professional life.

Maria Auxiliadora

My name is María Espinosa, I'm from Ecuador. I decided to study the master because entrepreneurship is a topic that today is essential not only to start a new business but also to improve existing ones. Through the master's degree I have learned a series of tools that have allowed me to know the operation of companies, market studies, commercial research and other key instruments for the development of business. Therefore, I invite you to be part of this master's degree in which not only will you find scientific and practical knowledge, but you will also meet quality teachers, as well as great colleagues who will accompany you on your way.

Patricia Suarez

This Máster was a challenge to me because as a foreign student I had to adapt to the way of living and teaching but I was lucky to receive a lot of help so then this became an opportunity to learn new trends, theories and knowledge in everything but especially in the business sector which is the area that I decide to work professionally and so far I have applied everything in the day to day of my job. That´s why I call a unique experience.

Xavier Perafita

El máster me aportó una visión general del funcionamiento de una empresa. Normalmente una carrera te da solo una parte de esa visión: ingenieros, contables, economistas, abogado. Con este máster pude tener una visión global desde todas esas perspectivas y el proceso para crear una empresa, desde la gestación de una idea hasta el desarrollo de la misma.

Gerard Lopez

I basically learned all business details, expanding the degree knowledge, meeting great people who started their projectes, how did they improved and what to do if you are thinking in a project but you don't have all the supports you want (maybe money, partners, sponsors, know-how,...). This master helped us improving, not just in the academy terms. I mean, after the master we were all a business professionals who really wanted to start their projects or help anothers to reach their dreams.

Robert Grigoryan

Gracias al contacto continuo con empresas como asesor fiscal noté un gran crecimiento en el número de constituciones de sociedades de nueva creación. Para poder prestar mis servicios más allá del asesoramiento fiscal, decidí realizar el máster de emprendimiento. Gracias al máster, consolidé mis conocimientos en gestión empresarial y adquirí un elevado nivel de conocimientos teórico-prácticos para asesorar a start-ups.