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Learning objectives

The overall objective of the Master in Administration Management is the acquisition of advanced professional skills by students, and it aims to allow graduates in the social sciences to gain a specialisation as Administration Managers.

The following specific learning goals are derived from this general objective:

1. Representation. In accordance with the legal regime of public administrations and common administrative procedure, administration managers act before public administrative bodies as representatives of third parties, and do so on a regular, paid, and professional basis, being subject to mandatory compliance with the rules established by their Professional Statute. Therefore, one of the specific aims of the degree is to train fully qualified professionals who are, due to their accredited knowledge of the administrative macro-system and its procedures, able to provide citizens with an effective and efficient service of representation before any public administration, including the European Community administration.

2. Consultancy. In addition, the Professional Statute confers on Administration Managers the authority to promote, request and carry out all types of procedures that do not require the legal expertise that is the preserve of legal practitioners, related to matters that in the interest of natural or legal persons, and at their request, are brought before any Public Administration body, informing their clients of the status and issues involved in the procedure. For this reason, a second specific objective of the degree is to train professionals in the criteria needed to be able to inform, advise, and counsel clients on the decisions that will lead to the subsequent representation and processing of the administrative relationship.

3. Management. Thirdly, another specific objective of the degree is to train professionals in corporate organisation, thus enabling them to implement the technical protocols established by cooperation agreements with the administrations in relation to the main administrative processes and formalities carried out by the collegiate bodies.

4. Deepening knowledge. Finally, it is also a specific objective of the degree to train administrative managers in knowledge and skills in the corporate areas that go beyond the strict legal requirements, mainly legislative, so that they can act as professionals with sound training in financial economics and accounting, in the task of advising companies that request representation services and administrative procedures

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