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Sant Domènec I Building

Campus Barri Vell

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Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Tourism
Institute of Catalan Language and Culture
Institute of Tourism Research (INSETUR)
Institute of Historical Research
Calonge-Sant Antoni Chair of Gastronomy, Culture and Tourism
Joan Vinyoli Chair of Contemporary Poetry
Chair Josep Plan
Roses Chair of Archaeology and Archaeological Heritage
Walter Benjamin Chair for memory and exile
Area of Communication and Institutional Relations
Publishing Service
Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing Service
Territorial and Environmental Analysis and Planning
Tourism Campus
Contextos y posterioridad de la obra de Diego de Saavedra Fajardo: estética literaria y revolución científica (1600-1750)(II)
Cultura Escrita Cortés en la Corona de Aragón: materialidad, transmisión y recepción.
Garcilaso de la Vega en Italia. Horacean Classicism (2020-2023)
GR Multi-Disciplinary Research Laboratory in Tourism
Mediaeval Literature research group
The UdG with the Western Sahara
The Phonetic Laboratory
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