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Access, admission and enrolment

master's degree access criteria

To access this master's degree, it will be necessary to have an official Spanish university degree or another issued by an educational institution in a country issuing degrees for access to master's degrees as established in Article 16 of Royal Decree 1393 / 2007.

Admission requirements:

The students, mainly of bachelor's degrees in computer engineering or other engineering related degrees, or in Mathematics or Statistics, have to have sufficient knowledge in programming, databases and statistics. in order to guarantee a successful outcome, it is essential to have knowledge of programming for development of software projects in half a scale with solvency. Specifically, the student must prove knowledge of basic algorithms, control and design of structured data types, efficient algorithms on such structures as search and sorting, and knowledge of object-oriented programming. The student will also need to be able to adapt to new languages and computer development tools, as well as accredit basic knowledge of databases and statistics such as inference and modelling.

The Master's Admissions Committee, which will be made up of the master's degree coordinator and the professors responsible for each of the modules, will assess whether this knowledge is sufficient for admission to the master's degree. This same committee will be in charge of the student admission process and the process of selection of students in case of the existence of more applications accepted than places offered.

The selection criteria are as follows:

  • Specific training in the field of computer science and statistics or accredited professional experience in the field of computer science or data science (50%)
  • Accredited official academic transcript, weighted according to the average grade of the home university (40%)
  • Processes of reasoning and abstraction; individual work capacity and reasoning, sufficiency for the interpretation of results at the level of skills or abilities to achieve them, training in heterogeneous groups or training to generate knowledge or contribute to problem solving (10%)

The UdG will establish the different pre-registration periods after which the admissions committee will publish the list of admitted students according to the criteria mentioned above. Exceptionally, and provided that the supply of places is greater than the demand, the Admissions Committee may consider the pre-admission of students who do not meet the access requirements but are expected to meet them at the time of admission. start of activities. Thus, the candidate will be admitted at the time when he proves compliance with the requirements as long as there are vacancies.

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