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Master's Degree in Environmental Change: Analysis and Management


  • CG1 Communicating in English in several formats and contexts.
  • CG2 Suitably obtaining and selecting the sources and information to enable the development of original research and contribution of new knowledge.
  • CG3 Using information and communication technologies.
  • CG4 Teamwork, particularly at multidisciplinary and international levels, as a means to implementing changes resulting from shared reflections.
  • CG5 Communicating orally and in writing on subjects from their speciality in an original creative way, using resources that make oral presentations more effective.
  • CG6 Creating proposals that involving the application of the ecological, social and economic sustainability principles within the very area of research or work.
  • CG7 Formulating and applying ethical values and principles in professional work.
  • CG8 Analysing new and complex situations and designing several alternative strategies to resolve them, by identifying the risks posed by the creative proposals.

  • CE1 Using the appropriate conceptual frameworks for analysing and interpreting the processes of contemporary environmental and territorial changes and conflicts.
  • CE2 Using the appropriate methodologies for analysing and managing landscapes.
  • CE3 Using several scalar-analysis methodologies, by applying knowledge in both international and local study cases.
  • CE4 Interpreting the main pieces of legislation, figures and methods of urban-development, territorial and environmental planning in Europe.
  • CE5 Diagnosing the territorial impact of activities, plans and projects by applying multidisciplinary methodologies.
  • CE6 Recognising the temporary and spatial dimensions of territorial and environmental processes and changes.
  • CE7 Analysing and interpreting the response mechanisms and management of territorial and environmental processes and changes.
  • CE8 Constructing environmental scenarios and policies to help to protect, improve and restore the city, territory and environmental vectors.
  • CE9 Designing strategies and applying planning tools and techniques for a more sustainable management of environmental and territorial vectors.
  • CE10 Assessing the processes of territorial and environmental transformation, by applying methodologies and tools relating to theories of reference.

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