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The central focus of the Institute of Aquatic Ecology is knowledge of any aspect related with the environmental issues of aquatic ecosystems. Within the Institute of Aquatic Ecology, projects are developed that relate to knowledge of water pollution and eutrophication processes, with the necessary corrective measures to restore them and with the establishment of protocols for the correct conservation and management of natural spaces where the aquatic environment predominates.

The Institute of Aquatic Ecology offers execution and development of projects in the following areas:

Environmental impact and water quality

  • Water quality evaluation and monitoring: physical/chemical and biological indicators.
  • Environmental impact assessment in relation to aquatic systems.
  • Ecotoxicity assays.
  • Pigment determination by high-resolution chromatography.
  • Analysis of the microorganisms involved in pollution and bioremediation processes.

Restoration and management projects

  • Projects to restore natural spaces.
  • Systems of constructed marshes and tertiary purification.
  • Management of aquatic systems.


  • Evaluation of populations and management of fish in rivers, reservoirs and marshes.
  • Biodiversity in aquatic environments, identification of species and structure of communities.
  • Molecular characterisation of bacteria.
  • Isolation and culture of anaerobic bacteria.
  • Various microbiological analyses (healthcare, industrial, etc).
  • Development of molecular markers for the study of specific groups of microorganisms.

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