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Doctoral theses

In progress and defended

Tesis doctorals en realització

Babak Jahani. Radiative transfer parameterization of border situations between cloud and aerosol: the case of WRF meteorological model.Director: Josep Calbó Angrill.


Montserrat Costa Surós. Geometric characteristics of clouds from ceilometer measurements and radiosounding methods. Directors: Josep Calbó, Josep Abel González.

Nazha El-Allaoui. Modified hydrodynamics in fragmented canopies exposed to oscillatory flows. Directores: Teresa Serra, Marianna Soler.

Aarón Enríquez Alonso. Evaluación de modelos climáticos: el comportamiento de la variable nubosidad. Director: Josep Calbó Angrill.

Concepció Pau Garcia. Filtració d'aigües residuals ja tractades mitjançant les poblacions de Daphnia. Directors: Teresa Serra, Jordi Colomer.

Jesús Planella Morató. Intermittency of Turbulence in Natural Waters: Patchiness in the Thermocline of a Lake under Low< Winds and Small-scale Intermittency in the Bottom Boundary Layer of a Tidal Flow. Directora: Elena Roget Armengol.

Alex Ros Sala. Effects of aquatic vegetation on sediment transport. Directors: Teresa Serra i Xavier Casamitjana.

Alejandro Sanchez-Romero. Sunshine duration as a proxy of the atmospheric aerosol content. Directors: Josep Calbó, Josep Abel González.

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