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2022 Characterization of mesothelin glycosylation in pancreatic cancer: decreased core fucosylated glycoforms in pancreatic cancer patients' sera Adrià Duran; Pedro Enrique Guerrero; Maria Rosa Ortiz; Dúnia Pérez del Campo; Ernesto Castro; Adelaida Garcia-Velasco; Esther Fort; Rafael de Llorens; Radka Saldova; Esther Llop; Rosa Peracaula
2022 Sialyltransferase Inhibitor Ac53FaxNeu5Ac Reverts the Malignant Phenotype of Pancreatic Cancer Cells, and Reduces Tumor Volume and Favors T-Cell Infiltrates in Mice Laura Miró, Júlia López, Pedro E Guerrero, Neus Martínez-Bosch, Noemí Manero-Rupérez, Mireia Moreno, M Rosa Ortiz, Esther Llop, Pilar Navarro, Rosa Peracaula.
2021 5-AZA-dC induces epigenetic changes associated with modified glycosylation of secreted glycoproteins and increased EMT and migration in chemo-sensitive cancer cells Greville G; Llop E; Howard J; Madden SF; Perry AS; Peracaula R; Rudd PM; McCann A; Saldova R.
2021 Microfibril associated protein 4 (MFAP4) is a carrier of the tumor associated carbohydrate sialyl-Lewis x (sLex) in pancreatic adenocarcinoma Pedro Enrique Guerrero; Adrià Duran; Maria Rosa Ortiz; Ernesto Castro; Adelaida Garcia-Velasco; Esther Llop; Rosa Peracaula
2021 Multidimensional research on university engagement using a mixed method approach Benito Mundet, Helena; Llop Escorihuela, Esther; Verdaguer Planas, Marta; Comas Matas, Joaquim; Lleonart Sitjar, Ariadna; Orts Alis, Marta; Amadó Codony, Anna; Rostan Sánchez, Carles


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Actes de Congressos

Data Títol Autor(s)
2017 Silencing of a2,3-sialyltransferases in pancreatic cancer cells Pedro Enrique Guerrero; Laura Miró; Judith Vinaixa; Neus Martínez-Bosch; Montserrat Ferrer-Batallé; Silvia Barrabés; Rafael de Llorens; Pilar Navarro; Esther Llop; Anna Massaguer; Rosa Peracaula.
2017 Targeting sialyl-Lewis x through inhibition of α2,3-sialyltransferases in pancreatic cancer cells Pedro Enrique Guerrero Barrado;Laura Miró;Neus Martínez-Bosch;Silvia Barrabés;Rafael de Llorens;Pilar Navarro;Anna Massaguer;Esther Llop;Rosa Peracaula

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