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University master's degree course fees

Academic year 2023-2024

The academic prices of the official studies that are taught in the integrated centres of the UdG are public prices and every course the Government of Catalonia through the decree that is published fixes the month of June-July. In the studies of affiliated centres the prices are private and each centre determines.

Pre-enrolment and admission

Item Price
Study of the documentation and the academic transcript for selection and assignment, if applicable, on university master degree courses. 30.21
To formalise pre-enrolment onto university master's degrees you need to pay €30.21 for administration and processing of your academic record for selection and enrolment, if appropriate, onto a master's degree course. This amount must be paid by credit card. If you are unable to pay by credit card, please contact . This amount will not be refunded to pre-enrolled candidates even if they do not ultimately enrol on the master’s degree, whether for personal reasons or for rejection by the UdG; it will only be refunded if the UdG does not finally offer the master's degree that the candidate has pre-enrolled for. This information does not apply for the Master in Teacher Training, which is accessed through university pre-enrolment .

Enrolment Fees per credit

Credit fee Qualifying Master's degree (1) Non-qualifying Master's degree Erasmus Mundus Master's degree (2)
Stay EU (3) Stay non-UE (4) Stay EU (3) Stay non-UE (4) Stay EU (3) Stay non-UE (4)
Enrolled for the first time (5) 18.46 41,17 27.67 65.87 27.67 46.11
Enrolled for the second time 28.00 49.40 34.17 79.04 34.17 55.33
Enrolled for the third time 65.00 107.04 74.05 171.26 74.05 119.89
Registered for the fourth time or more 88.00 148.21 102.52 237.13 102.52 166.00
Validated credit transfer, External credit transfer or recognised (6) 3.69 8.23 5.53 13.17 5.53 9.22
Without schooling due to extinction of the curriculum (7) 3.69 8.23 5.53 13.17 5.53 9.22
For visiting students (modality 1) 67.04 67.04 67.04 67.04 67.04 67.04
For visiting students (modality 2) 27.67 27.67 27.67 27.67 27.67 27.67
(1) Official master's degrees that enable students to carry out regulated professional activities: Law, Architecture, Industrial Engineering, Teacher Training in Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Language Teaching and General Health Psychology.
(2) Official Master's degrees derived from programmes Erasmus Mundus: Advanced Structural Analysis and Design using Composite Materials (FRP++), Tourism Management / Tourism Management (EMTM), Intelligent Field Robotic System (IFROS), Medical Imaging and Applications (MAIA).
(3) Students who are Spanish nationals, from EU member states or foreigners with residence in the Spanish State (for these purposes, an authorised stay granted to a foreign student does not correspond to residency status).
(4) Non-EU foreign-national graduate students with an authorised stay for studies.
(5) Only on master's degree studies taught at integrated centres of the UdG. The fees for credits enrolled for the first time are private costs established by the affiliate centres.
(6) Adaptations of previous curricula to new curricula are free of charge.
(7) Only in the event that the university does not offer students tutorials or alternative teaching.

Other fees linked to enrolment

Item Price

Management of academic record: annual enrolment

Management of academic record: modifications and partial enlargements €27.27
Online teaching and administrative services €70.00
Student insurance (compulsory for those under 28 years old) €1.12
Accident insurance (compulsory for those over 28 years old and non-resident foreigners) €6.65
Sports Service membership fee (optional) €30.00
Financial contribution to cooperation and development projects (optional) €3.01 or €6.01
Last updated: 04/07/2023

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