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Once the online pre-enrolment has been completed, you will be able to access it later on with your national ID card and your date of birth. 

There are a number of statuses in the procedure,from the time you submit your application up to the decision on pre-enrolment.: 

Pending payment

If you have not yet paid the 30.21 €. Remember that until you pay the fee your application will not be considered.

Pending review

We are reviewing the documents you have sent us

In progress

We have reviewed the documentation that you have attached and we have requested some documentation from you by email. Check the email and contact us at

Pending decision

The documentation provided has been reviewed and is correct. the Masters Studies Council is appraising your request based on the acceptance criteria for the master's degree in question


You have been ADMITTED, congratulations! We have sent you an email informing you of your enrolment’s steps and deadline


There can be different reasons for not being selected: You have not been selected, you do not meet the admission requirements or you have not completed your pre-enrolment correctly

Whether your application is accepted or turned down we will email you to inform you of our decision and in case we need you make to send us some type of document or clarification.

The definitive admission is dependent on the presentation of the original documentation in the enrolment period before the start of the academic year.

Once you receive notification of your admission via email you may request the admission and visa processing letters from us. Please send your request to