Department of History and Art History
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Department of History and History of Art

Bachelor's degree in History

Bachelor's degree in History of Art

Department of History and History of Art

Teaching and research.

The Department of History and History of Art, one of
the founding departments of the University of Girona, is built upon
an intellectual conviction: that all human actions in the past are relevant
and are object of reflection and study. An understanding of the past gives us tools
not only to gain awareness of our position in the present, but
also as a method of critical analysis to look towards the future
in an understanding way. The main objective of the teaching staff in this department —who are mostly members of
theIRH- is to provide undergraduate and doctoral students with
tools that will allow them to take part
in constructing historical, academic and cultural discourse. And above all, we hope that given their
humanist training, they will become professionals of the History of Art and
History in a globalized world.