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Every year, the Department of Computer Architecture and Technology publishes and collaborates on publications, be they books, chapters of book, conference communications, papers, and son on,.

Articles Científics

Data Títol Autor(s)
2022 A U-Net ensemble for breast lesion segmentation in DCE MRI Khaled, R.;Vidal, J.;Vilanova, JC.;Martí, R.
2022 Research based on the design of Co-CrehAs: Co-creation of educational material adapted to high-ability students to improve their motivation Uribe-Rios, M., Fabregat, R., Puiggalí, J., Tesouro, M., Jové, T.
2021 ¿Son los sistemas de inteligencia artificial una herramienta útil para los programas de cribado de cáncer de mama? Díaz, O.;Rodríguez-Ruiz, A.;Gubern-Mérida, A.;Martí, R.;Chevalier, M.
2021 6D pose estimation with combined deep learning and 3D vision techniques for a fast and accurate object grasping Tuan-Tang Le; Trung-Son Le; Yu-Ru Chen; Joel Vidal; Chyi-Yeu Lin
2021 Assessing the Accuracy and Reproducibility of PARIETAL: A Deep Learning Brain Extraction Algorithm Valverde S, Coll L, Valencia L, Clèrigues A, Oliver A, Vilanova JC, Ramió-Torrentà LL, Rovira A, Lladó X


Altres Articles


Data Títol Autor(s)
2015 Estructura i Tecnologia de Computadors Arnau Oliver, Joaquim Salvi, Antoni Martorano, Joan Batlle
2014 Estructura i Tecnologia de Computadors: Mips 32 Oliver, A.;Lladó, X.;Cufí, X.;Ferrer, J.;Carreras, M.;Fàbregas, M.
2014 Image Blending Techniques and their Application in Underwater Mosaicing Prados, R.; Garcia, R.; Neumann, L.
2013 Efficient 3D Scene Modeling and Mosaicing Nicosevici, T.; Garcia, R.
2013 Referentes Curriculares con incorporación de tecnologías para la formación del profesorado de matemáticas en y para la Diversidad Olga León, Martha Bonilla, Jaime Romero, Diana Gil, Mónica Correal , Cecilia Ávila, Jorge Bacca, Andrea Cavanzo, Carlos Guevara, Mariana Luisa Saiz Roldán, Rosa María García Méndez, Brígida Edith Sainz Roldán, Napoleón Rojas,

Capítols de Llibre

Data Títol Autor(s)
2021 Deep Learning in Mammography Breast Cancer Detection R. Agarwal; MH. Yap; MK Hasan; R. Zwiggelaar; R. Martí.
2020 Comparing Destructive Strategies for Attacking Networks Cetinay, Hale; Carmen Mas-Machuca,; Jose L Marzo; Robert Kooij; Piet Van Mieghem
2020 Understanding color Yélamos, O.;Garcia, R.;D'Alessandro, B.;Thomas, M.;Patwardhan, S.;Malvehy, J.
2018 AdaptHAs: Adapting Theme and Activity Selections for a Co-creation Process for High Ability Students Mery Yolima Uribe-Rios; Teodor Jové; Ramon Fabregat; Juan Pablo Meneses-Ortegón
2018 Model for Sharing Knowledge in a Co-creation Process with High Ability Students Juan Pablo Meneses-Ortegón, Teodor Jové, Ramon Fabregat, Mery Yolima Uribe-Rios

Documents Científico-Tècnics

Data Títol Autor(s)
2012 PHISON: Playground for High-level Simulations On Networks  M. Manzano; J. Segovia; E. Calle; J. L. Marzo
2012 Robustness analysis of real network topologies under multiple failure scenarios M. Manzano; J. L. Marzo; E. Calle; A Manolova
2012 Traffic-level Community Protection in Telecommunication Networks under Large-Scale Failures   Víctor Torres-Padrosa; Marc Manzano; Eusebi Calle; Josep L. Marzo
2003 A QOS Framework in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks Using a Multiagent System Mantilla,CS; Marzo,J.L.
2003 Quality of service routing based on ant colony behaviour Carrillo, L.M.; Marzo, J.L.

Obres Col·lectives


Data Títol Autor(s)
2021 Deep learning based segmentation of breast Lesions in DCE-MRI Roa'a Khaled;Joel Vidal;Robert Martí
2020 Comparative analysis of numerical models of plate-fin heat sinks with forced convection for thermoelectric energy generation A. Martinez-Marin, I.R. Cózar, T. Pujol, N. Luo, L. Pacheco, I. Ferrer, J.R. Gonzalez, A. Massaguer, E. Massaguer, Shazly A. Mohamed.
2018 Knowlegde management for co-creating educational material with high ability students, teachers and parents Juan Pablo Meneses-Ortegón ; Teodor Jové ; Ramon Fabregat ; Mery Yolima Uribe-Rio
2018 Understanding how high ability students learn and study: a parents and students view Mery Yolima Uribe-Rios; Teodor Jové; Ramon Fabregat; Juan Pablo Meneses-Ortegón; Joan Puiggali

Actes de Congressos

Data Títol Autor(s)
2018 Evaluation of Cayley graphs for parallel computer systems Daniela Aguirre-Guerrero; Andreu Mañosa; Lluís Fàbrega; Pere Vilà
2018 Inconsistencies among Spectral Robustness Metrics Xiangrong Wang; Ling Feng; Robert E. Kooij; Jose L Marzo
2018 On Selecting the Relevant Metrics of Network Robustness Jose L Marzo; Eusebi Calle; Sergio G. Cosgaya; Diego Rueda; Andreu Mañosa
2018 Resilient Controller Location under Target Attacks Sergio G. Cosgaya; Eusebi Calle; Jose L. Marzo

Publicacións Multimèdia

Altres Publicacions

Data Títol Autor(s)
2013 Referentes Curriculares con incorporación de tecnologías para la formación del profesorado de lenguaje y comunicación en y para la diversidad Dora Calderon;Sandra Soler;Mirian Borja;German Muñoz;Gloria Rojas;Giovanna Medina;Ernesto Díaz;Consuelo Blandon;Nevai Centeno;Obed Zeledon;Maria Ginocchio;Esther Espinoza;Cesar Gomez;Rolando Rocha;Ada Zarceño;Patricia Andreu;
2009 Dam Wall Detection and Tracking Using a Mechanically Scanned Imaging Sonar Kazmi, W.; Ridao, P.; Ribas, D.; Hernandez, E.
2008 All-Optical Label Stacking: Easing the Trade-offs Between Routing and Architecture Cost in All-Optical Packet Switching Solano, F.; Van Caenegem, R.; Colle, D.; Marzo, J.L.; Pickavet, M.; Fabregat, R.; Demeester, P.
2008 All-optical Unicast/Multicast Routing in WDM Networks Sierra, J.E.; Caro, L.F.; Solano, F.; Marzo, J.L.; Fabregat, R.; Donoso, Y.
2008 Automatic mass segmentation in mammographic images. The eigendetection approach Oliver, A.; Freixenet, J.

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