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Doctoral Programme in Technology

Computer science, Automation, Agro-food, Textile and Paper, Materials and Structures, Polymers and Innovation

In this section, you can access the School of Doctoral Studies website, the description of the Doctoral Degree in Technology Studies, and consult current Doctoral Theses and past Theses submitted.

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Automated 3D object recognition in underwater scenarios for manipulation
Programme: Technology
Author: Himri, Khadidja
Supervision: Ridao Rodríguez, Pere / Estrela Gracias, Nuno Ricardo
Talk: 10/12/2021


Underwater Image-Based 3D Reconstruction With Quality Estimation
Programme: Technology
Author: Istenic, Klemen
Supervised by: García Campos, Rafael / Estrela Gracias, Nuno Ricardo
Lecture: 25/3/2021


Co-creación adaptativa de material educativo para estudiantes con altas capacidades
Programa: Tecnologia
Autor/a: Uribe Rios, Mery Yolima
Direcció: Fabregat Gesa, Ramon / Jové Lagunas, Teodor Maria
Lectura: 03/12/2020

Deep learning for atrophy quantification in brain magnetic resonance imaging
Programme: Technology
Author: Bernal Moyano, José Alonso
Supervised by: Lladó Bardera, Xavier / Oliver Malagelada, Arnau
Lectura: 27/10/2020

Automatic segmentation of brain structures in magnetic resonance images using deep learning techniques
Programme: Technology
Author: Kushibar, Kaisar
Directprs: Oliver Malagelada, Xavier / Valverde Valverde, Sergio, Arnau / Lladó Bardera
Reading: 20/07/2020

Deep learning methods for automated detection of new multiple sclerosis lesions in longitudinal magnetic resonance images
Programme: Tecnology
Author: Salem, Mostafa Abobakr Abdelmajed
Supervised by: Salvi Mas, Joaquim / Lladó Bardera, Xavier
Read: 13/02/2020

Online 3D View Planning for Autonomous Underwater Exploration
Programme: Technology
Author: Vidal García, Eduard
Supervised by: Carreras Pérez, Marc / Palomeras Rovira, Narcís
Reading: 28/11/2019


Framework for the heritage education supported by Enhanced Reality
Programme: Technology
Author: Mendoza Garrido, Raynel Alfonso
Supervisers: Fabregat Gesa, Ramon / Baldiris Navarro, Sílvia
Reading: 11/10/2019


Computer Aided Detection for Breast Lesion in Ultrasound and Mammography
Programme: Technology
Author: Agarwal, Richa
Supervisers: Martí Marly, Robert / Diaz Montesdeoca, Oliver Fernando / Lladó Bardera, Xavier
Reading: 26/09/2019


Advanced Underwater Vehicle Manipulation Through Real Time Path Planning
Programme: Technology
Author: Isaac, Dina Nagui Youakim
Supervisers: Ridao Rodríguez, Pere
Reading: 21/06/2019


Automated brain structure segmentation in magnetic resonance images of multiple sclerosis patients
Programme: Technology
Author: González Villà, Sandra
Supervisers: Lladó Bardera, Xavier / Oliver Malagelada, Arnau
Reading: 31/05/2019


Word-Processing-based Routing for Cayley Graphs
Programme: Technology
Author: Aguirre Guerrero, Daniela
Supervisers: Vilà Talleda, Pere / Fàbrega Soler, Lluís
Reading: 15/05/2019


Technology-based process for supporting university students with ADHD
Programme: Technology
Author: Mancera Valetts, Laura Patricia
Supervisers: Fabregat Gesa, Ramon / Baldiris Navarro, Sílvia Margarita
Reading: 06/02/2019


3D Underwater SLAM Using Sonar and Laser Sensors
Programme: Technology
Author: Palomer Vila, Albert
Supervisers: Ridao Rodríguez, Pere / Forest Collado, Josep / Ribas Romagós, David
Reading: 26/11/2018


Motion Annotation in complex video datasets
Programme: Technology
Author: Muhammad Habib, Mahmood
Supervisers: Oliver Malagelada, Arnau
Reading: 16/11/2018


Online Acoustic Localization Methods for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Programme: Technology
Author: Vallicrosa Massaguer, Guillem
Supervisers: Ridao Rodríguez, Pere
Reading: 15/11/2018


Geographical Interdependent Robustness measures in Transportation Networks
Programme: Technology
Author: Rueda Pepinosa, Diego Fernando
Supervisers: Calle Ortega, Eusebi
Reading: 14/11/2018


Underwater navigation and mapping with an omnidirectional optical sensor
Programme: Technology
Author: Bosch Alay, Josep
Supervisers: Ridao Rodríguez, Pere / Estrela Gracias, Nuno Ricardo
Reading: 17/10/2018


MiDAS: A Model-Driven Approach for Context-Aware applications
Programme: Technology
Author: Bocanegra García, José Joaquin
Supervisers: Fabregat Gesa, Ramon / Pavlich Mariscal, Jaime
Reading: 19/09/2018


Tracing the creation and evaluation of accessible open educational resources through learning analytics
Programme: Technology
Author: Avila Garzón, Cecilia
Supervisers: Fabregat Gesa, Ramon / Baldiris Navarro, Silvia Margarita / Graph, Sabine
Reading: 12/06/2018


Glandular Tissue Pattern Analysis Through Multimodal MRI-Mammography Registration
Programme: Technology
Author: García Marcos, Eloy
Supervisers: Martí Bonmatí, Joan / Oliver Malagelada, Arnau
Reading: 05/04/2018





Validation of availability and Policy based management for programmable networks
Programme: Technology
Author: Maldonado López, Ferney Alonso
Supervisers: Calle Ortega, Eusebi / Donoso, Yezid
Reading: 12/09/2017


Robot Learning applied to Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for intervention tasks
Programme: Technology
Author: Carrera Viñas, Arnau
Supervisers: Carreras Pérez, Marc/Kormushev, To Bang
Reading: 21/07/2017


Case-level detection of mammographic masses
Programme: Technology
Author: Tortajada Giménez, Meritxell
Supervisers: Freixenet Bosch, Jordi / Martí Marly, Robert
Reading: 17/07/2017


Supporting technology for augmented reality game-based learning
Programme: Technology
Author: Tobar Muñoz, Hendrys Fabián
Supervisers: Fabregat Gesa, Ramoni Baldiris Navarro, Sílvia
Reading: 15/06/2017


Framework for the design and development of motivational augmented reality learning experiences in vocational ed
Programme: Technology
Author: Bacca Acosta, Jorge Luis
Supervisers: Fabregat Gesa, Ramoni Baldiris Navarro, Sílvia
Reading: 12/06/2017

Tools for 3D Point Cloud Registration
Programme: Technology
Author: Roure Garcia, Ferran
Supervisers: Salvi Mas, Joaquim / Diez Donoso, Yago
Reading: 08/03/2017



Computer-aided diagnoses for prostate cancer using multi-parametric MRI
Programme: Technology
Author :Lemaitre, Guillaume
Supervisers: Martí Marly, Robert / Freixenet Bosch, Jordi / Meriaudeau, Fabrice
Reading: 28/11/2016


Clinical decision support for screening, and assessment of respiratory diseases diagnoses: Chronic obstructive pulmonar
Programme: Technology
Author: Velickovski, Filip
Supervisers: Martí Marly, Robert / Ceccaroni, Luigi
Reading: 06/10/2016


Automated methods on Magnetic Resonance Brain Imaging in Multiple Sclerosis
Programme: Technology
Author: Roura Pérez, Eloy
Supervisers: Lladó Bardera, Xavier / Oliver Malagelada, Arnau
Reading: 14/06/2016


An approach to melanoma classification exploiting polarization information
Programme: Technology
Author: Rastgo Dastjerdi, Mojdeh
Supervisers: García Campos, Rafael / Marzani, Frank / Morel, Olivier
Reading: 13/06/2016

Simultaneous localization and mapping using single cluster probability hypothesis density filters
Programme: Technology
Author: Lee, Chee Sing
Supervisers: Salvi Mas, Joaquim / Clark, Daniel E.
Lectura : 01/09/2015


Web-based Application for Medical Imaging Management
Programme: Technology
Author: Mata Miquel, Christian
Supervisers: Martí Bonmatí, Joan / Oliver Malagelada, Arnau / Lalande, Alain
Reading: 24/07/2015

New robustness evaluation mechanisms for complex networks
Programme: Technology
Author: Marc Manzano Castro
Supervisers: Eusebi Calle Ortega
Reading: 20/11/2014


A geometric routing scheme in word-metric spaces for date networks
Programme: Technology
Author: Miguel Hernando Camelo Botero
Supervisers: Lluís Fàbrega Soler / Pere Vilà Talleda
Reading: 31/10/2014


Forward-Looking Sonar Mosaicing for Underwater Environments
Programme: Technology
Author: Natàlia Hurtós Vilarnau
Supervisers: Joaquim Salvi Mas / Xavier Cufí Solé /Yvan Petillot
Reading: 30/10/2014


Automated detection of new Multiple Sclerosis injuries in longitudinal brain magnetic resonance imaging
Programme: Technology
Author: Onur Ganiler
Supervisers: Xavier Lladó Bardera
Reading: 24/10/2014


Automatic source detection in astronomical images
Programme: Technology
Author: Masias Moyset, Marc
Supervisers: Freixenet Bosch, Jordi / Peracaula Bosch, Marta
Reading: 28/07/2014


Automatic change detection in multiple pigmented skin injuries
Programme: Technology
Author: Korotkov, Konstantin
Supervisers: García Campos, Rafael
Reading: 08/07/2014


Surface reconstruction methods for seafloor modelling
Programme: Technology
Author: Campos Dausà, Ricardo
Supervisers: García Campos, Rafael
Reading: 02/06/2014


Sonar scan matching for simultaneous localization and mapping in confined underwater environments
Programme: Technology
Author: Mallios, Angelos
Supervisers: Ridao Rodríguez, Pere / Ribas Romagós, David
Reading: 15/05/2014


Coverage path planning for autonomous underwater vehicles
Programme: Technology
Author/to: Galceran Yebenes, Enric
Direction: Carreras Pérez, Marc
Reading: 25/04/2014


Automated underwater object classification using optical imagery
Programme: Technology
Author: Shihavuddin, Asm
Supervisers: Estrela Gracias, Nuno Ricardo / García Campos, Rafael
Reading: 28/03/2014


Computer-aided lesion detection and segmentation on breast ultrasound images
Programme: Technology
Author: Pons Rodríguez, Gerard
Supervisers: Martí Bonmatí, Joan / Martí Marly, Robert
Reading: 24/01/2014

Deformable object segmentation in Ultra-Sound Images
Programme: Technology
Author: Massich Vall, Joan
Supervisers: Martí Bonmatí, Joan / Fabrice, Meriaudeau
Reading: 04/12/2013


Framework for detection, assessment and assistance of university students with dyslexia and/or reading difficulties
Programme: Technology
Author: Mejía Corredor, Carolina
Supervisers: Fabregat Gesa, Ramon
Reading: 14/10/2013


Atlas-based segmentation of multiple sclerosis lesions in magnetic resonance imaging
Programme: Technology
Author: Cabezas Grebol, Mariano
Supervisers: Lladó Bardera, Xavier / Oliver Malagelada, Arnau
Reading: 16/07/2013


Simultaneous detection and segmentation for generic objects
Programme: Technology
Author: Torrent Palomeras, Albert
Supervisers: Freixenet Bosch, Jordi / Lladó Bardera, Xavier
Reading: 08/07/2013


Learning design implementation in context-aware and adaptive mobile learning
Programme: Technology
Author: Gómez Ardila, Sergio Eduardo
Supervisers: Fabregat Gesa, Ramon
Reading: 06/06/2013


Image Blending Techniques and their Application in Underwater Mosaicing
Programme: Technology
Author: Prados Gutiérrez, Ricard
Supervisers: García Campos, Rafael / Neumann, László
Reading: 02/05/2013


Technology-Enhanced Support for Lifelong Competence Development in Higher Education
Programme: Technology
Author: Florian Gaviria, Beatriz Eugenia
Supervisers: Fabregat Gesa, Ramon
Reading: 18/01/2013

Supporting Competence Development Processes on Open Learning Systems through Personalization
Programme: Technology
Author: Baldiris Navarro, Silvia Margarita
Supervisers: Fabregat Gesa, Ramon
Reading: 14/12/2012


MSSPACC: Parallel application-implementation system with speculation on distributed environments
Programme: Technology
Author: Puiggalí Allepuz, Joan
Supervisers: Jové Lagunas, Teodor Maria
Reading: 07/11/2012


Robust image segmentation applied to magnetic resonance andultrasound images of the prostate
Programme: Technology
Author: Soumya Ghose
Supervisers: Arnau Oliver Malagelada /Fabrice Meriaudeau /Jordi Freixenet
Reading: 19/10/2012


Multimodal Image Registration Applied tone Magnetic Resonance and Ultrasound Prostatic Images
Programme: Technology
Author: Mitra, Jhimli
Supervisers: Martí Marly, Robert / Fabrice, Meriaudeau
Reading: 26/09/2012


Medium access control messaging scheme for cognitive radio networks
Programme: Technology
Author: Bolívar Díaz, Nicolás
Supervisers: Marzo Lázaro, José Luis
Reading: 30/07/2012


One-shot pattern projection for dense and accurate 3D acquisition in structured light
Programme: Technology
Author: Fernández Navarro, Sergio
Supervisers: Salvi Mas, Joaquim
Reading: 22/06/2012


Appearance-based Mapping and Localization using Feature Stability Histograms for Mobile robot navigation
Programme: Technology
Author: Bacca Cortes, Eval Bladimir
Supervisers: Cufí Solé, Xavier / Salvi Mas, Joaquim
Reading: 20/06/2012


Path Planning with Homotopic Constraints for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Programme: Technology
Author: Hernández Bes, Emili
Supervisers: Ridao Rodríguez, Pere / Carreras Pérez, Marc
Reading: 15/06/2012


Computer Vision Techniques for Early Detection of Skin Cancer
Programme: Technology
Author: Quintana Plana, Josep
Supervisers: García Campos, Rafael
Reading: 14/06/2012

In Mission Control System for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Programme: Technology
Author: Palomeras Rovira, Narcís
Supervisers: Ridao Rodríguez, Pere / Carlos Jorge, Ferreira Silvestre
Reading: 19/12/2011


Medium access control messaging scheme for cognitive radio networks
Programme: Technology
Author: Bolívar Díaz, Nicolás
Supervisers: Marzo Lázaro, José Luis
Reading: 30/07/2012


Robustness against Large-Scale Failures in Communications Networks
Programme: Technology
Author: Segovia Silvero, Juan Simeon
Supervisers: Calle Ortega, Eusebi / Vilà Talleda, Pere
Reading: 15/12/2011


Medium access control messaging scheme for cognitive radio networks
Programme: Technology
Author: Bolívar Díaz, Nicolás
Supervisers: Marzo Lázaro, José Luis
Reading: 30/07/2012


Selective Submap Joining SLAM for autonomous vehicles
Programme: Technology
Author: Aulinas Masó, Josep Maria
Supervisers: Salvi Mas, Joaquim / Petillot, Yvan
Reading: 22/09/2011


Efficient Topology Estimation for Large Scale Optical Mapping
Programme: Technology
Author: Elibol, Armagan
Supervisers: García Campos, Rafael / Estrela Gracias, Nuno Ricardo
Reading: 29/07/2011


Manifold clustering for motion segmentation
Programme: Technology
Author: Zappella, Luca
Supervisers: Lladó Bardera, Xavier / Salvi Mas, Joaquim
Reading: 30/06/2011


Gradient based RL techniques for underwater robotics behavior learning
Programme: Technology
Author: El-Fakdi Sencianes, Andrés
Supervisers: Carreras Pérez, Marc
Reading: 03/03/2011

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