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Observatory of Ethics in Artificial Intelligence


Creation of the Catalan Observatory of Ethics in Artificial Intelligence (OEIAC)

The OEIAC as part of the CATALONIA.AI strategy

The creation of the Catalan Observatory for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence (OEIAC) is part of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy promoted by the Government of Catalonia which, known as CATALONIA.AI , carries out a programme of initiatives for strengthening and establishing the action lines in developing and implementing AI systems, and turning Catalonia into a hub for innovation, leadership and attracting talent and enterprises in the area of the AI.

CATALONIA.AI includes an area on “Ethics and Society”, where the OEIAC fits in, for promoting AI ethics, complying with current legislation, being compatible with our social and cultural rules and putting people at the centre. The OEIAC is one of the cornerstones of the CATALONIA.AI Strategy, together with CIDAI, AIRA and the DCA-IA .


The CATALONIA.AI Strategy coincides with the “UdG2030 Strategic Plan: the Sum of Intelligences” at the University of Girona, which contemplates the creation of a Chair-Observatory for Ethics in AI, the OEIAC.

Collaboration between the Government of Catalonia and the University of Girona led to the creation, on the 29 June 2020, of the Catalan Observatory of Ethics in Artificial Intelligence (OEAIC), as a Chair at the University of Girona.

For ethical AI focussed on people

The OEIAC was created with the will of coordinating, structuring and advancing ethical considerations in relation to AI at a global and more local scale. Although these date back to the start of digital computer science, recent developments made have a much more extensive social impact and go much beyond a limited number of people interested in technology. 

Symbol of the OEIAC

To represent the OEIAC symbolically, the logotype assumes the image of a rising column and, at the same time, an entire, raised and solid column. 

The circumference, which represents the O for observatory, contains, inside, four homogeneous parts of the same size, which, at the same time, encircle the central point. This is a combination that is provided for, which is sensed and which will rise from the base. A combination of natural intelligence, artificial intelligence, collective intelligence and hybrid intelligence. They all serve as a community resource in an environment where differences and points in common allow us to advance in a responsible way.

OEIAC logo

So the OEIAC symbol needs to be understood as a vehicle for a meaning that goes beyond the merely visual, where the sum of intelligences is the keystone.

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