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Chair of Sport and Physical Education - Centre for Olympic Studies at the University of Girona

Areas of action

The Chair and the CEO

Focused particularly on the formative stages for children and young people and on the educational values involved in sport, as well as on the study and analysis of teaching and learning models for sport in these formative stages.

The aim is to achieve these objectives by doing different activities with schoolchildren, helping them to see the benefits of leading an active and balanced life, obtaining the physical and psychological benefits that sport provides us with.

These activities might include talks with Olympic ambassadors, activities promoting commitment to physical activity or other activities.

Focused on those sports that are prominent in the Banyoles area, mainly rowing, canoeing and triathlon. As well as the highest impact collaborative and opposition sports. Likewise, there is also a dedication to the analysis and improvement of the specific training of sports coaches, especially in those areas related to technical training and high performance.

The Chair of Sport and Physical Education organises different activities related to sports training and performance. All these activities aim to provide physical education teachers, sportspeople, coaches, trainers, and all those interested in sport with tools for ongoing training that can be applicable to their lives.

Focused on the curriculum, and centred both on research and investigation and on the training of primary and secondary education teachers. It is also necessary to consider the PE in the broader sense, as linked to overall personal development.

The Chair of Sport and Physical Education - Centre for Olympic Studies carries out a number of activities that may be of interest for the ongoing training of teachers and others involved in physical education. In previous years, a postgraduate course for the training of primary physical education teachers had been held.

Basically focused on carrying out different activities with the common objective of improving the training of grassroots coaches, and promoting the practice of physical activity and sport among the youngest members of the population.

Furthermore, the vast majority of activities organised by the Chair of Sport and Physical Education always take beginners into account, in order to provide professionals with the tools they need to continue training and improving their skills.

The Centre for Olympic Studies organises various activities focused especially on the study and dissemination of the cultural and educational values of Olympic ideals, and their embedding in society.

In addition, the Banyoles Municipal Library has a collection of books on the Olympics that anyone interested can consult.

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