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Institute of Food and Agricultural Technology

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Group on Biotechnology of Animal and Human Reproduction

Master's degree in food biotechnology

Master's Degree in Integrated Crop Protection

Institute of Food and Agricultural Technology

Scientific and technical research

INTEA is comprised of three UdG research groups that have an infrastructure of laboratory facilities, research staff, research projects with public or private funding and demonstrated scientific and technical quality, and who work very closely with Productive Sectors.

Two of these groups (Plant Pathology and Food Technology) are part of the Agricultural Technology Unit (TAG) from the Government of Catalonia’s Reference Network on Food Technology of Foods (XaRTA), created as part of Catalonia’s Research Plan. The TAG unit works according to priority lines set out in a four-year plan established by the XaRTA. 

Two of the groups also have facilities in the UdG Science and Technology Park: the Plant Health Innovation and Development Centre (CIDSAV), and a centre for the Biotechnology of the Animal Reproduction (TechnoSperm), both with important transfer activities. 

The Institute is also the unit of assignment of two official studies that are part of the offer of Masters of the University of Girona: the Master in Food Biotechnology (BioTecAl) and the Master in Integrated Protection of Crops (PIC).