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Justícia climàtica (intercanvi internacional virtual)Justicia climática (intercambio internacional virtual)Climate justice (virtual exchange)

Activity with international skills recognition (RECI)
The approach and methodology are for a synthesis of asynchronous and synchronic elements, using dialogue as a teaching tool for learning and creation. The sessions are simultaneously supported with expert content and promoted by the participants. Every week, small groups of participants (about 10) meet for two hours of videoconferences to engage with the content of the course and with each other, under the guidance of trained facilitators. There will be a diverse set of participants (nationality, ethnic group, gender, language and education), enabling participants to find perspective and antecedents they perhaps have never interacted with before.
Associated codes:
3100RA1213 Justícia climàtica (intercanvi internacional virtual)Justicia climática (intercambio internacional virtual)Climate justice (virtual exchange) (3 credit)
Organizing body:
Social Commitment and Professional Guidance Unit
Aurora Armesto
Tel. 682 00 31 97
Online. January 2024.
Number of places: 24. Duration: 10 weeks. Calendar: 4 March to 10 May 2024. Timetables: 2 hours a week of synchronic sessions, 7 hours a week of individual and collaborative work. Coordination: Aurora Armesto. Teaching staff: Sharing Perspectives Foundation. Assessment method: attendance + Moodle activity + final work
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