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Work risks

Some good working conditions and the creation of environments of work that facilitate the adoption of healthy habits correlate with an improvement of the productivity of the organisations and an improvement in the health and welfare of the workers.

The University of Girona in his Plan of Work risks prevention establish in the area of the medicine of the work the:

  • Cooperation activates Healthy university of the UdG in the activities of promotion of the health that settle in the Plan
  • Campaigns of healthy habits promotion
  • Epidemic and chronic campaigns of illnesses prevention

The promotion of the health in the work area includes the sensitisation and the information, the education, the creation of healthy environments of work through the integration of the security and health in the policies and new projects of improvement of the university.

The main internal agents on the subject of occupational health are: Vice-Rectorate for Staff Management, the Health and safety committee of the University of Girona , the prevention representatives and the Occupational Health Office.

The Occupational Health Office is in charge of executing the strategic guidelines adopted by the rectorate team, managing and conducting the necessary prevention activities with the aim of ensuring adequate prevention and protection of UdG workers' health and safety, as well as that of other members of the university community.