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  • Offers are managed via the external JOBTEASER portal
  • Selection processes are conducted by the companies and institutions publishing the offers.
  • The University of Girona is not responsible for the content or the conditions of the Job Offers, nor for the content or the truthfulness of the CVs that the candidates attach.
See current offers



If you are student or holder of a holder of a bachelor's degree:

Register on the portal and you will have an intranet at your disposal which offers several benefits:

  • Job vacancies
  • Information about activities and events.
  • Company profile presentation and their work places (more than 1,500 videos about work places).
  • Receiving email alerts about vacancies and events.

If you are a company you can:

  • Publish job vacancies .
  • Follow the vacancies live (validation, number of visits).
  • File the vacancy when you have found a candidate, modify the advert or re-publish it.
  • Once the account is created, you can publish new vacancies quickly by directly accessing your recruiter account using your email and password.