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Master in Health Promotion

Access, admission and enrolment

Previous degree requirements

Holder of a bachelor’s degree, diploma or undergraduate degree in Nursing, Medicine, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Dietetics, Pharmacy, Psychology or other similar and social studies.

On an exceptional basis, and whenever the number of places available exceeds demand, the Master's Board may consider the admission, in a conditional manner, of students who do not fulfil the access requirements but who are expected, at the start of the course, to fulfil them.

Admission and enrolment

To access the master's degree, you first must complete your University pre-enrolment.

Once pre-enrolment has been completed, the Admission Committee for the master's degree will appraise applications, prioritising them in line with the following criteria:

  1. Academic record of the accredited official training, weighted based on the average mark at the university of origin (50%).
  2. Complementary academic or professional training. Certifications or certificates of other complementary training in similar fields to the contents of the master's degree (20%).
  3. Work experience in the areas of the master's degree, providing a declaration by the company indicating the time and tasks performed. Experience in the field of the research, indicating time spent at recognised research centres and publications relating to the subject areas of the master's degree (20%).
  4. Justified application with letters of recommendation, as appropriate (10%).

Once you are admitted, check all the enrolment information.

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