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Research groups

A research group from the University of Girona is a set of people linked to the UdG who carry out research activities within common or thematically or methodologically similar lines of research .

Group Leader/s Area
Agents Research Laboratory Josep Antoni Ramon Guasch
Andres El-fakdi Sencianes
Technical Area
Construction: advanced technologies and sustainability Research Group (CATS) Miquel-àngel Chamorro Trenado
Joan Llorens Sulivera
Technical Area
Collaborative Research Team for Curricular, Organizational and Orientation Improvement in Education. BITACOLA Joan Teixido Saballs
Montserrat Tesouro Cid
Advanced research group on Business Dynamics and the Impact of New Technologies on Organisations (GRADIENT) Maria del Pilar Marques Gou Social
Clinical Anatomy, Embryology and Neuroscience Research Group (NEOMA) Francisco Reina de La Torre
Enrique Verdú Navarro
Analysis of Public Law Research Group: special reference to financial and tax law Maria Luisa Esteve Pardo Social
Economic Analysis Research Group Renan Ulrich Goetz Social
Analysis and Creation of Audiovisual and Scenic Contents of Contemporary Culture Research Group (ERAMSCI) Judit Vidiella Pagès Social
Advanced Materials and Analysis for Structural Design Research Group (AMADE) Pere Maimi Vert
Cristina Barris Peña
Technical Area
Research group in Environmental and Territorial Analysis and Planning Margarida Castañer Vivas Social
Architecture and territory research groups Nadia Fava
Marisa Garcia Vergara
Technical Area
Biodiversity and Marine Resources Research Group (GR MAR) Marta Muñoz Frigola Experimental
Animal Biology Research Group Pere Pons Ferran
Crisanto Gomez Lopez
Advanced Biomaterials and Nanotechnology Group of Research (BIMATEC) Fabiola Vilaseca Morera Technical Area
Cancer Biochemistry Research Group Rosa Peracaula Miro
Esther Llop Escorihuela
Animal and Human Reproductive Biotechnology Research Group Sergi Bonet Marull
Marc Yeste Oliveras
Technical Area
Socio-Environmental Change Research Group Anna Maria Ribas Palom Social
Political Science Research Group Salvador Marti Puig Social
Applied Social Sciences Research Group (CISA) Joaquin Brugue Torruella
Francesc Xavier Casademont Falguera
General and Digestive Surgery Research Group Jose Manuel Fernandez-real Lemos Health
Accounting and Mathematics for Economics and Business Research Group Joan Carles Ferrer Comalat
Maria Angels Farreras Noguer
Social and Institutional Communication Research Group Lluís Costa Fernandez Social
Transformative Music and Education Research Group Ramon Fabregat Gesa
Eusebio Calle Ortega
Technical Area
Research Group in Culture, Education and Human Development Moises Esteban Guitart Social
Development of the Profession of Nursing Research Group Angel Romero Collado Health
Discourse, Gender, Science and Culture Research Group (DIGECIC) Teresa Cabruja Ubach Social
Design and Modelling of Transition Metal Catalysed Reactions Research Group (DiMoCat) Miquel Solà i Puig
Anna Roglans Ribas
European Private Law Research Group Miquel Martin Casals Social
Research group on Ecology of Inland Waters (GRECO) Emili Garcia Berthou Experimental
Molecular Microbial Ecology Research Group Luis Bañeras Vives
Xavier Vila Portella
Economics, Industry and Services Research Group Ricard Rigall i Torrent Social
Research Group into Marine Ecosystems and Human Health (SeaHealth) Josep Lloret Romañach
Juan San Molina
Scientific and Environmental Education Research Group (GRECA) Angel Alsina Pastells Social
Education, Heritage and Intermedia Arts Research Group (GREPAI) Maria Dolores Cañabate Ortiz
Maria Masgrau Juanola
Fundamental Rights in Composite States Research Group Miguel Ángel Cabellos Espiérrez Social
Agricultural Engineering Research Group Francisco Ramirez de Cartagena Bisbe Technical Area
Process, Product and Production Engineering Research Group (EXIT) Joaquim Melendez Frigola
Joan Colomer Llinas
Technical Area
Engineering of Fluids, Energy and Environment Research Group (GREFEMA) Jose Ramon Gonzalez Castro Technical Area
Process, Product and Production Engineering Research Group (GREP) Joaquim de Ciurana Gay
Marti Casadesus Fa
Technical Area
Protein Engineering Research Group Marc Ribo Panosa
Antoni Benito Mundet
Ageing, Culture and Health Research Group Pilar Monreal Bosch Social
Differential Equations, Modelling and Applications Research Group Joan Saldaña Meca Technical Area
Statistics and Analysis of Compositional Data Research Group (GR-EADC) Jose Antonio Martin Fernandez Technical Area
Statistics, Econometrics and Health Research Group (GRECS) Marc Saez Zafra Social
Cultural, Artistic and Political Studies Research Group 9th - 21st centuries) Joaquim Maria Puigvert Sola Humanities
Philosophy Research Group Jorg Rudolf Zimmer Humanities
Philosophy of Law Research Group Jordi Ferrer Beltran Social
Environmental Physics Research Group Maria Teresa Serra Putellas Experimental
Cardiovascular Genetics Research Group Ramon Brugada Terradellas Health
Geology and Environmental Cartography Research Group David Brusi Belmonte Experimental
Geometry and Graphics Research Group Gustavo Ariel Patow Technical Area
Immigration Management, Free Movement of People and Workers' Rights Research Group Fernando Camas Roda
Maria Esther Jordana Santiago
History of Legal Science Research Group Jose Maria Perez Collados Social
History of Language and Normative Language Research Group Josep Maria Nadal Farreras
Francesc Feliu Torrent
History of Rural Societies Research Group Maria Rosa Congost Colomer Humanities
Childhood, Adolescence, Children’s Rights and Quality of Life Research Group Monica Gonzalez Carrasco
Sara Malo Cerrato
Childhood, Youth and Community Research Group (LIBERI) Maria Carme Montserrat Boada
Pere Soler Maso
Modal Intervals, Systems Engineering and Control research Group Jose Vehi Casellas Technical Area
Diversity Research Group Maria Pallisera Diaz Social
Diachronic Linguistics and Comparative Grammar Research Group Abelina Suñer Gratacos Humanities
Modern and Contemporary Literature and Literary Heritage Research Group Francesc Xavier Pla i Barbero
Jorge Garcia Lopez
Medieval Literature Research Group Miriam Cabré Ollé Humanities
Language and Cognition Research Group Isabel Serrat Sellabona Health
Languages, Grammar and Discourse Research Group Francesc Roca Urgell Humanities
Logic and Artificial Intelligence Research Group (LAI) Mateu Villaret Auselle Technical Area
Materials and Thermodynamics Research Group (GRMT) Juan Jose Suñol Martinez Experimental
Microbiology of intestinal disease Research Group Margarita Martinez Medina Experimental
Transformative Music and Education Research Group (MUSET) Miquel Alsina Tarrés
Marina Buj Corral
Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology Research Group Gemma Huguet Blanco Experimental
New Therapeutic Targets Research Group (TargetsLab) Maria Teresa Puig Miquel
Francesc Xavier Xifro Collsamata
Nutrition, Eumetabolism and Health Research Group Jose Manuel Fernandez-real Lemos Health
Plant Pathology Research Group Emilio Montesinos Seguí Technical Area
Research Group on power, media and global cultures (POMAC) Sebastian Ruiz Goatherd Social
Policies, Programmes and Educational and Sociocultural Services Research Group (GRES) Jordi Feu Gelis Social
Psychology of Health Research Group Montserrat Planes Pedra
Maria Eugenia Gras Perez
Current Issues in Procedural Law Research Group Maria Teresa Armenta Deu Social
Analytical and Environmental Chemistry Research Group Victoria de Los Angeles Salvado Martin
Manuela Hidalgo Muñoz
Bio-Inspired, Supramolecular Chemistry and Catalysis Research Group (QBIS-CAT) Miguel Costas Salgueiro
Xavier Ribas Salamaña
Theoretical Chemistry of the Biosystems Research Group (TCBioSys) Silvia Osuna Oliveras
Luis Blancafort San Jose
Health and Health Care Research Group Dolors Juvinya Canal Health
Health, Gender and Ageing Research Group David Ballester Ferrando
Concepcio Fuentes Pumarola
Criminal and Criminological Sciences Seminar Research Group Daniel Varona Gomez
Juan Gonzalo Escobar Marulanda
Administrative Law Seminar Research Group Juan Manuel Trayter Jimenez Social
Complex Systems Research Group (GSC) Joaquim Fort Viader Experimental
Soils and Vegetation in the Mediterranean Research Group Laura Llorens Guasch
Maria Assumpta Gispert Negrell
Food Technology Research Group Maria Dolors Parés Oliva
Maria Pla de Solà Morales
Technical Area
Theories of Contemporary Art Research Group M. Jose Balsach Peig
Xavier Antich Valero
Targeted Antitumour Therapies Research Group Anna Massaguer Vall-llovera
Sílvia Barrabés Vera
Computer Vision and Robotics Research Group (VICOROB) Rafael Garcia Campos
Xavier Llado Bardera
Technical Area
Organisational Networks, Innovation and Development of Tourism Strategies and Products Research Group (ONIT) Jaume Oscar Guía Julve
Raquel Camprubi Subirana
Interdisciplinary Gender and Social Inequalities Research Group (IGESI) Patricia Melgar Alcantud Social
Landscape Analysis and Management Laboratory Research Group Josep Pintó Fusalba Social
Archaeology, Ancient History and Prehistory Laboratory Research Group David Vivo Codina Humanities
Graphics and Imaging Laboratory Research Group (GILAB) Mateo Sbert Casasayas Technical Area
Sustainable Materials and Product Design Laboratory Research Group Marc Delgado Aguilar Technical Area
Translational Medicine and Decision Sciences Laboratory Research Group (TransLab) Xavier Castells Cervello Health
Cork Laboratory Research Group Merce Figueras Vall-llosera
Olga Serra Figueras
Affective Bonding and Human Development Laboratory Research Group Marta Sadurni Brugue Health
Chemical and Environmental Engineering Laboratory Research Group (LEQUIA) Maria Dolors Balaguer Condom Experimental
Genetic Ichthyology Laboratory Research Group Jose Luis Garcia Marin Experimental
Laboratory of Innovation in Processes and Products of Organic Synthesis Research Group (LIPPSO) Eduard Bardají Rodríguez
Marta Planas Grabuleda
Multidisciplinary Laboratory of Tourism Research Group Maria Dolors Vidal Casellas
Lluis Mundet i Cerdan
Image, Satisfaction and Tourist Behavior (ISTB) Maria Elena Puiggros Roman Social
Physical Activity and Sport Research - PHAS Research Cristina Torres Pascual Health
UdiGitalEdu: Creative Learning, STEAM and Social change Juan González Martínez
Marta Peracaula Bosch

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