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30 reasons for studying at the UdG

The University of Girona is educational quality, international recognition, internships in companies and the chance to study right in the heart of an active, cultural and human city.

  1. Teaching and research. Ever since it was founded 30 years ago, the University of Girona has excelled in teaching and research in the fields of the arts and humanities, sciences, health sciences, social and legal sciences and engineering and architecture. It comes 8th out of 76 Spanish State universities, according to the CyD ranking.
  2. Three urban campuses. The University of Girona’s campuses are urban, sustainable and accessible and have global benefits. In the middle of Barri Vell, in the city centre and in Montilivi, in spaces integrated into a green environment.
  3. A university city. You will live and study in a university city. Girona is culture and progress, it is active and dynamic. It is one of the ten best cities in Europe for a break (according to The Guardian, 2016).
  4.  By your side. You will receive a personal service, in small groups, including mentoring and an information and advice centre designed around you.
  5. Multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary education. We offer you a multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary education: 46 bachelor's degrees and 15 dual bachelor's degrees in all areas of knowledge prepare you for a professional future, from a critical, reflective and observant citizenship perspective, with the world that surrounds you.
  6. Language education and practicals abroad. We help you to go further by offering you education in languages, practicals abroad, classes in English and an international mobility programme with more than 400 destination universities to choose from. Languages Department courses will help you reach the level your bachelor’s degree requires.
  7. Involvement with the area. The University of Girona has real presence in the city of Girona, with research centres, institutes and chairs. It has affiliated centres in the city of Barcelona.
  8. We are international. We establish collaboration agreements with foreign universities for teaching and research trips, from South America to the Mediterranean, cross-border spaces and China.
  9. We believe in charity. We are engage with the world: more than 1,000 University of Girona students actively take part in charity initiatives with developing countries and in humanitarian crisis situations.
  10. Economic and social driver. We establish alliances with public entities (town councils, regional governments, local consultants) and private entities to promote knowledge.
  11. The UdG2030 Strategic Plan is based on the Sum of Intelligences, a series of actions in which the natural, artificial and collective intelligences are showcased, to offer comprehensive learning, assured emerging talent and social impact.
  12. Applied innovation and research. With the Campus Sectorials programme, the University of Girona is putting itself at the forefront of applied innovation and research. Relations between companies and institutions in the different socio-economic sectors are thus facilitated.
  13. Leader in research projects. The University of Girona is a research leader when it comes to the quality of the research published and the number of scientific publications.
  14. Internationally recognised research. The more than 100 research groups, 24 departments, 12 research institutes and 40 chairs generate internationally recognised quality research.
  15. Headquarters of research institutes within the Generalitat of Catalonia. Four Catalan government research institutes have their headquarters at the UdG.
  16. We welcome talent. Big contemporary thinkers, creators, researchers and scientists do sabbaticals at the UdG and have been appointed honorary-doctorate lecturers.
  17. We transfer technology to society. There are 7 TECNIO groups at the University of Girona, experts in technology transfer with the capacity to loan technological innovation services to companies in Catalonia.
  18. Innovative enterprise and research groups.The Science and Technology Park has more than a 150 innovative companies, institutions and research groups at the forefront of technological research.
  19. Master's degrees and international degrees. You will be able to continue your postgraduate education with a broad range of over 50 professionalising and research master's degrees and 15 international dual degrees.
  20. Excellence in tourism and Erasmus. We have one of the best tourism studies courses in Spain and we direct an internationally prestigious Erasmus Mundus programme.
  21. We commit ourselves to educational innovation. The implementation of learning based on problems is one of the most revolutionary projects in modern education and is carried out at the University of Girona.
  22. Good scores in MIR tests. Quality teaching gives concrete results: the marks of 86% of the first University of Girona doctors in the MIR exceed the state average.
  23. Placements in companies. We prepare you for your professional future with more than 1,500 placement agreements with companies and institutions to complete your academic education and a programme of long-term external placements to foster employability.
  24. Scholarships and grants. We offer more than 7 million euros in scholarships and study grants.
  25. A level Library. The Library, boasting an area of more than 10,000 m2, open 338 days at the year, with 1876 places in the three campus, with more than 360,000 visits to study and reading rooms, is a leading centre, with special funds and European recognition.  
  26. Quality facilities and services. From view room for mock trials to IT rooms, not to mention laboratories: the number one Catalan university in laboratory jobs per 100 students.
  27. Sustainability. The UdG is a leader university in education for sustainable development, with a renewed Greening Plan in force for more than 20 years.
  28. Inclusion. We are making an educational and solidarity commitment towards an inclusive education that breaks down the social, economic and personal barriers to widespread university access.
  29. Sport, leisure and culture.Add enjoyment of sport and, cooperative and solidarity efforts to the student experience, along with the excitement of the associations movement and human-tower formations, the Aula de Teatre, the UdG Choir, and various cultural activities: conferences, concerts, exhibitions, readings and the University of Girona’s very own big annual festival.
  30. Link to the educational system. The UdG keeps a close eye on secondary-education schools, to ensure continuity of the educational process. .

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