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Validated credit transfer from higher level vocational training

Automatic validated credit transfer from higher level vocational training

Students who access a bachelor's degree at the University of Girona from higher level vocational training (CFGS) that allows for validated credit transfer can  automatically validate these credits from their first enrolment through the online enrolment computer application, either all at once or spread out over the different academic years.


For the validated credit transfer subjects to be incorporated into the academic record, they must be enrolled on in the same way as for the rest of the subjects to be studied, in accordance with the procedure described below. The validated credit transfer subjects are marked on the academic record as "CR" (recognised credits) and do not count towards the average or towards fulfilling the academic requirements for grants.

Students who access the degree via other pathways and have passed a CFGS can also request the validated credit transfer at the office of the secretary of their teaching centre, but they cannot make use of the automatic validated credit transfer on enrolment. Students from the teaching centres where the online enrolment system is not used are in the same position.

Note! The automatic validated credit transfer is available in the centres that have established this. Ask about this in the office of the secretary of your centre. If you are studying a bachelor's degree in primary school teaching, the subjects that do not depend on the chosen speciality can be automatically validated.See the list of validated credit transfers depending on the speciality.


For a general description of the electronic enrolment process see Online enrolment.

The second screen of the online enrolment (steps2 of 5: entry of subjects on the curriculum) includes a drop-down filter where the subjects to enrol in the academic years can be chosen and, in the case of the students coming from CFGS, the subjects to validate [image 1].

Image 1

If the option "recognition" is chosen in the filter, the central screen shows all subjects that the student can validate depending on the vocational training of origin. Of these, you can choose to enrol on all, some or none of them. When enrolling for successive academic years, the online enrolment will continue to offer the option of adding the subjects not previously enrolled on.

Bear in mind that even if you choose not to incorporate any CFGS-validated credit-transfer subject in your enrolment, the first-, second-, third- and fourth-year subjects you are enrolled on but which also appear on the CFGS list will be incorporated by default into the enrolment as recognised credits.

When you click on "Continue" and you access the following screen (step 3 of 5: change of group and type) the validated credit transfer subjects are differentiated from the rest because they are marked as "CR in the "group” column. If you click on the arrow a drop-down menu will appear that allows you to convert them into subjects to be studied, if you so wish. This implies the definite withdrawal to the validated credit transfer [image 2].

Image 2

In order for the validated credit transfer to be incorporated into the academic record, the fee established in the Government of Catalonia’s decree on prices must be paid. This amount is shown on the online enrolment payment screen, added to the rest of the subjects as academic fees and charged together with the rest of the amounts.

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