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PhD in 2016 in University of Girona, postdoctoral fellow at Cabot Corp., Boston, USA. PI of the SILCAP project cofunded by European Union´s H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions and ACCIÓ TecnioSpring+ programme.

In 2010 I joined the Laboratory of Chemical and Environmental Engineering (LEQUIA) where I started the PhD research activities in 2012 under the supervision of Dr. Maria J. Martín. On this period I gained expertise on adsorption technology and advanced oxidation processes applied to the treatment of gaseous effluents for gas purification and odour control, as well as emerging contaminants in air and water environments. This allowed me to acquired international reputation on the development and integration of nanoporous materials for gas and water remediation technologies, and stablish international collaborations. 

I am part-time professor in several subjects from official Master and Bachelor studies at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Girona. I have already supervised a number of Bachelor’s projects and Master's thesis during seven academic courses and co-supervised the Ph.D. theses of Dr. Eric Santos-Clotas (2019) and Dra. Ellana Boada (2020). I also have been jury member of Master and Bachelor’s final projects.

During my postdoctoral stay at Boston, I was the leader of the research activity of Cabot Corporation for siloxane removal to prevent deactivation of photocatalysts used for oxidation of VOCs in indoor air purifier equipment’s collaborating across different industrial R&D units on The Netherlands and China, as well as other research organizations, test institutes and globally leader air purifier manufacturers to evaluate and commercially exploit the innovative solutions resulting from this join industry-academia partnership.

Working at Cabot Corp. helped me to understand real technical market needs, focused in Asia, and facilitate efficient development of collaborative research programs with industry in the front end of the innovation process. The collaboration with researchers from North-America universities led to the acquisition of an ample background on environmental technologies based on adsorption and advanced oxidation processes, as well as the design of nanoporous materials with tailored surface chemistry and architectures for achieving more efficient and selective materials for their application as catalysts and adsorbents.

In 2021 I was awarded a Juan de Cierva - Incorporación fellowship which will allow me to consolidate my research profile at LEQUIA-UdG.


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