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Dra.  Sanz Ball-llosera, Nuria

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Grup de Recerca Laboratori d'Ictiologia Genètica

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I have been working in the Laboratory of Genetics Ichthyology (LIG) since 1996. Our lab has been focused on identifying evolutionary changes among populations of threatened and exploited species, and estimating valuable genetic resources for sustainable management and conservation. My research in brown trout performed my PhD thesis and resulted in many of my publications. Results of this research have been relevant to provide management tools involving fishing law modifications. This research culminated with the co-edition of the book Brown Trout: Biology, Ecology and Management by the internationally recognized editorial Wiley & Sons. I have been working with other species of commercial interest, as anchovy and bluefin tuna, which resulted in two publications for each species. I have also worked with invasive species as gambusia, zebra mussel and Asian clam. I have been responsible for the population genetic study within all these projects, as my publications reflect. Moreover, for zebra mussel, we developed a protocol to detect the early invasion of this species based on environmental DNA (eDNA). Within these projects, we have collaborated with several researchers from the Galveston University and Brigham Young University. During the last two years, I have been responsible of the monitoring of the bullfrog invasion in the Delta de l’Ebre through eDNA methodology, which has resulted in a paper that is now under review in Animals journal. I have also leaded the research carried out with phylogenetic of stickleback, which has resulted in the publication of two articles in the Freshwater Biology journal, and
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with hedgehogs, getting financial support by the Zoo of Barcelona and by the Autonomous Government of Catalunya and publishing two papers in 2020 and 2022. In 2015, I was the leading manager of the International Symposium ‘Advances in the Population Ecology of Stream Salmonids IV’ with more than on hundred participants, mainly coming from the North Europe and USA. I have been in the Scientific committee of the ‘Advances in the Population Ecology of Stream Salmonids IV’ that hold in Granada (Spain) and also in the Scientific committee of the Symposium scheduled for this year (May 2023). Also, I was invited as a plenary speaker in the International Congresso Tematico A.I.I.A.D. Biodiversità dei Salmonidi Mediterranei: dalla sistematica alla conservazione, hold in Cagliari September 2020. Recently I have collaborated with A. Duchi, from Sicily, on population genetics of Sicilian trout, at this moment we have a new publication under review in Diversity journal. During these last years I have also collaborated with Ichtios Gestión Ambiental SL to assess the effect of barriers in trout populations and to define a plan for the re-establishment of connectivity in some Iberian Rivers. Since 2016, I am working as associated editor of the Ecology of Freshwater Fish journal published by Wiley and Sons. I was one of the two directors of the thesis of RM Araguas, which dealt with management of brown trout populations and resulted in three papers. Currently, I am one of the directors of the Judith Ollé PhD thesis about the assessment of highly exploited fish populations with classical and next-generation molecular markers, which has resulted in two publications. I have also supervised several Master dissertations and Final Degree works, and I have been member of tribunals of several PhD thesis. I have been external reviewer of the International Thesis of K. Saint-Pé, from the Tolouse University, defended in December 2019. The quality of my research, with more than 45 JCR published articles, has been translated into three six-years research periods recognized by the Quality Agency of the University System of Catalunya (AQU): 1997-2002; 2003-2008, 2009-2015. My teaching profile is Genetics (Population Genetics, Conservation Genetics, Pathology and heredity), and I’ve been teaching at several masters and Degrees of the Faculty of Sciences (University of Girona) since the year 1999. These tasks have led to a positive evaluation of four six-year teaching periods.

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