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Articles Científics

Data Títol Autor(s)
2024 On the collision dynamics in a molecular model Barrabés, E.; Ollè, M.; Rodríguez, O.
2023 40 years after Aitchison's article 'The statistical analysis of compositional data'. Where we are and where we are heading Coenders G.; Egozcue J.J.; Fačevicová K.; Navarro-López C.; Palarea-Albaladejo J.; Pawlowsky-Glahn V.; Tolosana-Delgado R.
2023 A curated multivariate approach to study efficacy and optimisation of a prototype vaccine against teladorsagiasis in sheep Palarea-Albaladejo J.; McNeilly T.N.; Nisbet A.J.
2023 A Discrete Model for the Evolution of Infection Prior to Symptom Onset J. Ripoll; J. Font
2023 A frequency-limited waviness and curvature measurement algorithm for composite fibre trackings Adrià Julià i Juanola; Marc Ruiz i Altisent; Narcís Coll i Arnau; Imma Boada i Oliveras


Articles de Divulgació

Altres Articles

Data Títol Autor(s)
2018 CoDaWork2017. Special Issue on Compositional Data Analysis Hron, K.; Martín-Fernández, J.A. (eds.)
2017 Erratum to: A network epidemic model with preventive rewiring: comparative analysis of the initial phase Tom Britton; David Juher; Joan Saldaña
2016 Special Issue on Compositional Data Analysis Martín-Fernández, Josep Antoni; Thió-Henestrosa, Santiago
2015 Georges Matheron Lecturer of the year 2014: Karl Gerald van den Boogaart Pawlowsky-Glahn, V.; McKinley, J.
2014 Preface [to Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena, vol.9, n.2, 2014] Hyman, J.M.; Milner, F.; Saldaña, J.


Data Títol Autor(s)
2023 158th European Study Group with Industry, Barcelona, Spain, January 27-31, 2020 Maria Aguareles; Francesc Font; Tim Myers; Marta Pellicer; Joan Solà-Morales
2021 Breve historia de los modelos matemáticos en dinámica de poblaciones Bacaër, Nicolas; Bravo de la Parra, Rafael; Ripoll, Jordi
2021 Matemáticas y epidemias Bacaër, Nicolas; Ripoll, Jordi; Bravo de la Parra, Rafael; Bardina, Xavier; Cuadrado, Sílvia
2019 Matheron's Theory of regionalized variables Pawlowsky-Glahn V; Serra J (eds.)
2017 E-assessment: nuevos enfoques hacia la automatización de la evaluación a partir de respuestas abiertas Soler,J.; Poch,J.;Boada,I.;Prados,F.

Capítols de Llibre

Data Títol Autor(s)
2023 Machine Learning approaches to solving classical Astrodynamics problems de Palau, Isaac
2022 Contaminant Removal by Adsorption Calvo-Schwarzwalder, M.; Valverde, A.; Font, F.; Aguareles, M.; Myers, T.G.
2021 Compositional data analysis in physical activity and health research. Looking for the right balance McGregor D.E.; Dall P.M.; Palarea-Albaladejo J.; Chastin S.F.M.
2021 Compositional data analysis in time-use epidemiology Dumuid D.; Pedišić, Ž.; Palarea-Albaladejo J.; Martín-Fernández J.A.; Hron K.; Olds T.
2021 Compositional Data Analysis in Time-Use Epidemiology Dumuid D; Pedišić Z; Palarea-Albaladejo J; Martín-Fernández JA; Hron K; Olds T

Documents Científico-Tècnics

Data Títol Autor(s)
2010 Comparative study of whole-body MRI and bone scintigraphy for the detection of bone metastases Balliu, E.; Boada, M.; Peláez, I.; Vilanova, J.C.; Barceló-Vidal, C.; Rubio, A.; Galofré, P.; Castro, A.; Pedraza, S.
2009 Real-Time Path-Based Surface Detail Bosch, C.; Patow, G. A.
2006 An Information-Theoretic Approach to Shape Complexity Rigau, J.; Feixas, M.; Sbert, M.
2004 Experiencia del estudio geoestadístico de composición química de suelos, de los indicadores de factores y de las condiciones geoquímicas. Martín-Fernández, J.A.; Daunis-i-Estadella, J.; Tyutyunnik, Yu. G.
2003 Systematic Sampling in Ray Tracing Sbert, Mateu; Rigau, Jaume; Feixas, Miquel; Neumann, László


Data Títol Autor(s)
2023 Saccade Direction Information Channel Qiaohong Hao; Mateu Sbert; Miquel Feixas; Yi Zhang; Marius Vila; Jiawan Zhang
2019 3) 'Pupillary reactivity to non-photorealistic rendering: a case study of inmersión in 3D cine' Victor Fajnzylber ; Samuel Madariaga ; Rafael del Villar ; Pedro Maldonado ; Diego Vargas ; Aria Serra ; Milán Magdics ; Mateu Sbert.
2019 Image Decolorization Based on Information Theory C. Ancuti; C. O. Ancuti; M. Feixas; M. Sbert
2019 Resonance of isochronous oscillators David Rojas
2018 'Augmented film narrative by use of non-photorealistic rendering' Publicado en 'IEEE Xplore Digital Library' (March 2018), 2017 International Conference on 3D Immersion, IC3D Victor Fajnzylber ; Larry González ; Pedro Maldonado ; Rafael del Villar ; Rodrigo Yáñez ; Samuel Madariaga ; Milán Magdics ; Mateu Sbert.

Actes de Congressos

Data Títol Autor(s)
2023 A Complete Tableau Calculus for the Regular MaxSAT Problem. Jordi Coll; Chu-Min Li; Felip Manyà; Elifnaz Yangin
2023 A New Variable Ordering for In-processing Bounded Variable Elimination in SAT Solvers Shuolin Li; Chu-Min Li; Mao Luo; Jordi Coll; Djamal Habet; Felip Manyà
2023 A Tableau Calculus for Signed Maximum Satisfiability Shuolin Li; Jordi Coll; Djamal Habet; Chu-Min Li; Felip Manyà
2023 Constraint Solving Approaches to the Business-to-Business Meeting Scheduling Problem (Extended Abstract) Bofill, M.; Coll, J.; Garcia, M.; Giráldez-Cru, J.; Pesant, G.; Suy, J.; Villaret, M.
2023 SAT Encodings for Pseudo-Boolean Constraints Together With At-Most-One Constraints (Extended Abstract) Bofill, M.; Coll, J.; Nightingale, P.; Giráldez-Cru, J.; Suy, J.; Ulrich-Oltean, F.; Villaret, M.

Publicacións Multimèdia

Data Títol Autor(s)
2013 Don't correlate proportions! Lovell, DR; Pawlowsky-Glahn, V; Egozcue, JJ
2007 A Web-Based Framework for DTI Data Visualization and Processing Prados, F; Boada, I; Feixas, M; Prats, A; Blasco, G; Pedraza, S; Puig, J
2006 A Web-based problem solving environment for database normalization Soler Masó, J.; Boada, I.; Prados, F.; Poch, J.
2005 Automatic generation and correction of technical exercises Prados, F.; Boada, I.; Soler Masó, J.; Poch, J.
2004 El e-learning como complemento a las clases presenciales. Un caso práctico: el proyecto ACME Prados, F.; Boada, I.; Poch, J.; Soler Masó, J.; Soler, J.

Notes Breus

Altres Publicacions

Data Títol Autor(s)
2018 Diagnosi de l'avaluació dels Treballs de Fi de Grau. Cas d'estudi de la Universitat de Girona. Martí, C.; Pujol, J.; Arbat, G.; Suñol, J.J.; Castro, F.; Feliu, L.; Planas, A.
2017 Authoring Semantic Procedural Cities Otger Rogla; Nuria Pelechano; Gustavo Patow
2016 Knight Lore 20XX: Bringing a Classic Game to Modern Technology Ricard Galvany Méndez; Gustavo A. Patow
2016 Real-time weathering of urban materials. Muñoz-Pandiella, I.; Pueyo, X.; Mérillou, S; Bosch, C.
2015 L'autoavaluació i l'avaluació entre iguals aplicades en el treball en equip en diferents estudis de la Universitat de Girona Fraguell, R. M.; Feliu, L.; Castro, F.; Planas, A.; Arbat, G.; Pujol, J.; Suñol, J. J.

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