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Articles Científics

Data Títol Autor(s)
2021 Definition of Residential Power Load Profiles Clusters Using Machine Learning and Spatial Analysis Mario Flor; Sergio Herraiz; Ivan Contreras
2021 Flexibility management of electric vehicles based on user profiles: Arnhem study case Marc Cañigueral, Joaquim Meléndez
2021 HTE 3.0: Knowledge-based systems in cascade for familial hypercholesterolemia detection and dyslipidemia treatment Beatriz López; Ferran Torrent-Fontbona; Luis Masana; Alberto Zamora
2021 Integrated Unfold-PCA monitoring application for smart buildings: An AHU application example Llorenç Burgas, Joan Colomer, Joaquim Meléndez, Francisco Ignacio Gamero, Sergio Herraiz
2021 Monitoring of Low Voltage Grids with Multilayer Principal Component Analysis L. Souto; J. Meléndez; S. Herraiz

Altres Articles


Capítols de Llibre

Data Títol Autor(s)
2020 Insulin recommender systems for T1DM: a review Joaquim Massana, Ferran Torrent-Fotnbona, Beatriz López
2018 exitCBR: a tool supporting RRI. Beatriz López; Carles Pous.
2018 Knowledge representation and machine learning on wearable sensor data: a study on gait monitoring Beatriz Lopez; Natalia Mordvanyuk; Pablo Gay; Albert Pla
2017 Logo Recognition by Consensus for Enabling Blockchain Implementations. de la Rosa J, L.; El-Fakdi; A., Torres V.; Amengual, X.
2016 Effect of Distributed Generation in the Location of Faults by means of Impedance-based Methods J. Meléndez, S. Herraiz, J. Faig, J. Sanchez

Documents Científico-Tècnics

Obres Col·lectives

Data Títol Autor(s)
2013 Documento de Visión Estratégica 2030. Plataforma Tecnológica Futured Roberto Navarro (ATOS), Zorayda Guerrero (ATOS), José R. Dorronsoro (IIC-UAM),Alberto Alfaro (CIMA), Iratxe Lauzirika (INGETEAM), José Rodríguez (INGETEAM), Andrés Llombart (CIRCE), Enrique Morgades (CIRCE), Jorge Selgas (NUC
2010 Developing strategies for the ART Domain Murillo, J.; Muñoz, V.; López, B.; Busquets, D.
2004 Experiences in expoiting data: Selected problems in application domains Melendez, J.; Colomer Llinàs, J.; López, B.; Vehí, J.; Pous, C.; Ruíz, M.L.; Mújica, L.E.
1996 An Expert System to Customize a CASE tool Lopez, B.; Campderrich, B.; Ordoyo, I.; Freixanet, J.R.
1993 Reactive planning through the integration of a case-based system and a rule-based system. López, B.


Actes de Congressos

Data Títol Autor(s)
2018 Fault detection and diagnosis web service module for energy monitoring in buildings J. Meléndez; L. Burgas; F.I Gamero; J. Colomer; S. Herraiz
2017 Prediction of glucose level conditions from sequential data Natalia Mordvanyuk; Ferran Torrent-Fontbona; Beatriz López.
2017 The Spanish Kidney Exchange Model: Study of Computation-Based Alternatives to the Current Procedure Bofill, M.; Calderón, M.; Castro, F.; Del Acebo, E.; Delgado, P.; Garcia, M.; García, M.; Roig, M.; Valentín, M.; Villaret, M.
2017 User-Centered Arrangement of Public Services Robert Rusek; Joan Colomer Llinas
2016 Public Facilities Driven by Service Demand for Space Robert Rusek; Joan Colomer Llinas

Altres Publicacions

Data Títol Autor(s)
2020 Gestión distribuida de energía con blockchain, SecartysNews, Numero 35, Josep Lluis de la Rosa and Andrés el-Fakdi
2019 Detection of Voltage Fluctuations in Low-Voltage Power Distribution Networks with Principal Component Analysis L. Souto; F. Torrent; S. Herraiz; J. Meléndez
2009 Sistema de análisis de inyección secuencial para la monitorización de los efluentes líquidos contaminados por Cromo Carles Pous; Joaquim Massana; Florencio De la Torre; Nuria Fiol; Isabel Villaescusa
2008 eXiT*CBR: a framework for case-based medical diagnosis Pous, C.; Pla, A.; Gay, P.; Lopez, B.
2007 Applications in Medical Dababases López, B. ; Pous, C.

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