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Article 55 of the UdG Statutes: “The University Senate is the highest representative governing body of the university community.”

The University Senate’s competences include:
a) Drawing up and modifying the University Statutes.
b) Convening extraordinary elections for the post of rector.
c) Approving the rector’s annual report, which must include a summary of the teaching and research activity, the general lines of the budget, the multi-annual programmes and the economic report.
d) Approving the general lines of the University’s activities, especially in the areas of education, research and administration.
e) Supervising management of University posts and its governing bodies.
f) Creating the committees that it considers appropriate and electing the members.
g) Drawing up its own regulations.
h) Discussing those matters that affect the university community and pronouncing on them.
To that effect, it may request the reports that it considers appropriate from the University’s academic or institutional bodies.
i) All other competences the Statutes grant it