Encarna Roca

Doctor Honoris Causa

Encarna Roca was awarded the honorary doctoral degree from the University of Girona for her vital contributions to the survival, consolidation and development of Catalonia’s civil law; for her significant contribution to the revision and modernisation of Civil Law in general, both in the doctrinal area and the jurisprudential area; for her commitment to Catalonia and its institutions and for applying her university and academic knowledge to the service of the progress of the country and to the teaching of many generations of jurists.

By agreement of the Governing Council of the University of Girona, in ordinary session no. 8/11 on 27 October 2011, at the proposal of the Faculty of Law.

Date of investiture:
13 April 2012 in the La Mercè Auditorium
Dr Miquel Martín
Investiture speech:
Dr Anna M. Geli, rector of the University of Girona
Institutional Honoris Causa Publication