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Equality of inclusivity

... if you are a student

... and you have...

  • A disability
  • An educational need (dyslexia, TDA/H, etc)
  • A chronic illness...

... we offer you

  • Free enrolment (excluding taxes) if you have a recognised disability of 33% or over
  • Attention and academic support
  • Personal assistance
  • Work about accessibility
  • Technical resources:
    • FM broadcasting station(Transmitter FM ZoomLink and emitter MyLink)·
    • Point adapted in all the UdG libraries with Software for people with a visual disability: Jaws programme (screen reader ) and Zoomtext (screen enlarger)·
    • Specific software for people with dyslexia.
    • Magnifying glasses TV MAGNILINK X READER 19'' in our libraries for people with poor vision or with difficulties reading (dyslexics) that need the text enlarged and images printed.
    • Digital recorder. For people with difficulty writing.
    • Portable magnifying glass Digital Smartlux 
    • Invacare Leo Scooter – With 4 wheels


  • Contact us at or on the telephone numbers 972 41 96 47 – 630 58 96 17 (also by WhatsApp)
  • We will do an interview
  • We will draft a report with recommendations for the teaching staff

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