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University Education Programme for people over the age of 50


Academic year 2023-2024. The Josep Torrellas Programme for the Over 50s has only one enrolment period in September

How to check subjects and timetables

Enrolment dates

ACADEMIC YEAR 2023/2024 
Pre-enrolment (new students only)

  • DATES: 12 to 18 September 2023
  • No pre-enrolment will be accepted outside the established deadline. 

Whoever wishes to enrol for the first time on the Josep Torrellas Programme for the over-50s, must pre-enrol so they can open their record at the UdG. Once they have pre-enrolled, they will receive an email containing the user name and password they will need for enrolling. 

IMPORTANT: you must attach a (scanned) copy of BOTH SIDES of your national ID to your pre-enrolment application.


You can consult the following video on how to pre-enrol. 

Enrolment (all students)

  • DATES: 25 to 29 September 2023
  • No enrolment will be accepted outside the established deadline. 

As you enrol online, check that your personal details are correct, choose your subjects and method of payment and validate your enrolment.

Online enrolment

You can find out from the following video how to pre-enrol.



The total cost of enrolment is established based on the number of credits enrolled for, and the cost of administrative fees and accident insurance. Payment may be divided into two or three instalments provided that the total academic fee exceeds €200.

  • Credit price = €18.08
  • Accident insurance = €6.65
  • Academic record management = € 69.80
  • Teaching and administrative services = € 70

You can apply for an enrolment grant equal to the cost of the administrative fees.

If you want to make a face-to-face query, you must ask for a prior appointment at this e-mail address:

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