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University Education Programme for people over the age of 50

Life-long learning for people over 50

Education for the over 50s

Life-long learning for people over 50

Education it is a right that not only has to be safeguarded but expanded too. Now life-long education is being talking about more and more, new forms of University access need to be provided for. The University Education Programme is designed for people over the age of fifty who wish to enrol on some of the courses being taught at the University without having to follow the academic track established for obtaining university degrees.

Likewise, for the purposes of promoting other forms of continuous education, the Senior Programme provides the University Extension Classes with support and organises courses that cater for the interests of its older students.



Dates: 3.6 and 7 February 2023
Timetable: of 9:30 in 13;30h
The consultations will only be attended to by electronic mail:

How is it made? It be necessary that you make an Application to the Administration arrive for us through the My UdG

1. You have to enter to the My UdG (identifying with your user and password).
2. Once in "My UdG", you click to"Staff" i  "Report, enrolment and formalities".
3. You will enter into the "office of the secretary in network". To the right top clicks "Formalities".
4. Select "Application to the administration". Clicks "Going there". Next, read with attention the indications of the formality and clicks "Start".
5. Select the area: "Other subjects of enrolment".
6. Portray the reason of the application in the motive. For example: I request to register myself for the subject _________ of the Bachelor's Degree in  _________.
7. Mark "Continuing".
8. Going out of the formalities.

Once we have confirmed that there is place to the subject that you have requested us, you will receive a notification with the result of the formality.

Only subjects of 2nd semester that the finished places do not have and are in the listing of the Programme Josep Torrellas can be broadened.

We will be strict in the deadlines and they will be solved by order of arrival. The applications that arrive before the day and established timetable, will not be accepted.

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