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Chair of Health Promotion

Future goals and challenges

Chair of Health Promotion

One of the various missions of the University of Girona is to take part in the progress and development of society and in the improvement of the education system, to promote activities at a university level and foster the exchange of knowledge and information with other institutions. In this respect, the Chair of Health Promotion works to:

  • To create a meeting point where healthcare institutions and companies can make their training needs clear and where the university can satisfy them through the planning of knowledge transfer.
  • To raise awareness among our counties’ health professionals of the importance of health promotion. 
  • To promote good practices in institutions, through their incorporation of health promotion.
  • To update training for health professionals.
  • To transfer health knowledge to the community.
  • To advise professionals and institutions on promotion subjects.
  • To provide access to sources of information according to the specific needs of Girona’s institutions. 
  • To organise seminars, day events and talks.
  • To consolidate a specialist online training space.

Future challenges

The work done by the Chair of Health Promotion to date has positioned it as one of the most dynamic bodies in its field and a leading centre for training, research, dissemination and knowledge transfer relating to health promotion. The Chair is currently working on the challenges of offering high quality training, taking part in strategic alliances with universities, bodies, institutions and healthcare centres, developing research programmes, incorporating information technologies and developing bonds with society. The Chair places special emphasis on its international work, a means for guaranteeing the recognition of scientific excellence, the pooling of abilities and its own profile and positioning. The Chair, as an entity integrated into society, emphasises the fact that health is a matter that affects everybody and therefore its promotion needs widespread general support and involvement.  This task always requires a positive approach rather than a contrast with illness, or as A. Antonovsky said, “we have to look at what generates health rather than the limitations and causes of illnesses".

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