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Responsible values

The University of Girona, through the Unit of Social Commitment, works to foster a culture socially responsible, to favour the healthy interpersonal relations, like this like a responsible consumption and care of the environment.

Piece of news of the donations to the UdG
  • Fostering competences and skills to the care of the environment.
  • Promoting the programmes of work integration for persons in risk of social exclusion.
  • Recognising the rights and duties in the context of a healthy and sustainable University.
  • Promoting, from the University itself, the healthy interpersonal relations, based on the respect and the tolerance.
  • Favouring the utilisation among the members of the University community of a language inclusive and founded in the equality of gender.
  • Promoting the reflection and the debate about the different models of consumption.
  • Promoting products of fair trade and of proximity, whenever it is possible.
  • Favouring the environmental and socially responsible public recruitment.
  • Promoting the purchase of products and the recruitment of respectful services with the environment and socially responsible.
  • Adding clauses directed to improve the sustainability and the health of the university community, to the specification forms and to the contracts.
  • Supervising that the specifications of the contracts related with spaces of restoration and machines of vending in the University are fulfiled. Periodic evaluation.
  • Contributing to advancing towards a University paper-less: favouring the implementation of computer processes to the processes of management, To Favour the implementation of telematic electoral processes...

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