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Girona Housing

The accommodation service launched by the University of Girona through Resa Housing

Girona Housing offers a reservation service based on a supply of rented accommodation, guaranteeing standards of quality and comfort and subject to paying contract rates. This accommodation supply includes rented flats, rooms, accommodation with families, university houses and university halls of residence. 

Girona Housing Services

This service is addressed to anybody who has to move to this city due to a link with the University of Girona. To this end, until 15 June every year priority will be given to applications from people who have to come to the UdG within the framework of exchange or mobility programmes.

Are you looking for accommodation?

  • Whole flats and apartments
  • Rented rooms
  • Families
  • University Houses
  • University Halls of Residence

All students and other people who come to the city within the framework of exchange or mobility programmes have priority with this service. To make use of the service, contact us at and we will inform you of the conditions and prices of this service. You must register with Girona Housing below. 

Anybody else belonging to the university community can call on the services of Girona Housing. First, however, you must register on the website and fill out the accommodation request application. You will then receive an email with your application code number, with which you will be able to request visits to the different accommodation types and make reservations. See the conditions and service prices for rented flats, apartments and rooms and accommodation with families.

Do you offer accommodation?

Girona Housing offers you:

  • Visits to recruit rented accommodation.
  • Personalised information for students, researchers and teachers.
  • Scheduling visits.
  • Managing rental contracts.
  • Advertising on the website.
  • Online reservations.

If you own accommodation and want it to be included on this list of accommodation. Contact us at

Other accommodation in the city of Girona

Girona Tourism Office - Youth Hostels - hotels - guest houses and tourist apartments

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